It’s a Wonderful Life Movie


I ended up not having to do something else and so I watched the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” to get into the Christmas mood which it totally didn’t but I liked it anyway. It’s probably my zillionth time watching it. It’s in black and white just like the King James Bible and all real Christmas things should be except for maybe Christmas lights which are a hassle which I already talked about so I’m not going to talk about it again for the sake of repeating myself. Everybody knows that life was in black and white back in the good old days. Take Andy Griffith. Mayberry was a black and white town so when they colored it after a while to make it more modern, they completely ruined it. Winter is also in black and white which is when Christmas is except for places like Brazil when it’s in the summer, which just goes to show you that Christmas was meant to be in America and England mostly. This shows that to put fake color on Christmas is very not real one bit. Well, except for maybe Christmas lights and Santa and wrapping paper. Oh, and the Charlie Brown Christmas movie for sure. But besides that, that’s about it in my opinion on the matter.

Its-a-Wonderful-life-fotoAnyway, the It’s a Wonderful Life movie which I am talking about before I interrupted myself with the black and white issue has lots of megaphysical things in it like an angel for example and the meaning of life, which is money. You will notice that at the end all his friends gave George money and that’s how they prove they are his friends. And notice how happy George’s family is when they suddenly get rich for just being poor. It’s a holiday message that I think my friends should learn from this movie about friendship towards me, even though I do this great blog. But I’m not holding my nose. They probably won’t see all the megaphysical things in this movie like I do. All they probably see is good cheer and a bunch of shallow stuff like good will toward men which I don’t have time for because of focusing on deeper things I notice.

Another megaphysical thing in this movie are these weird voices at the beginning that talk about all the prayers going up from earth. Most people would think this is about heaven, but there’s no way about that due to the fact that heaven is the one place in the Godworld that isn’t just black and white. It’s got a lot of white in it for sure (clouds and robes and white people) and there is most likely some black people there too since at least a few black people probably got in (good singers and that Mormon Freeman guy who played God in a colored movie which would probably qualify him I think) but there have to be a least a couple of other colors up there too just for the sake of variety since heaven goes on for a lot more than 90 minutes of a movie. I can’t vouch for that since I’m not tempted to be interrupted by religion, but I think it’s reasonable in the megaphysical expectoration department. Probably some red and yellow and maybe some blue.

But maybe the most megaphysical thing about “It’s a Wonderful Life” is Mr. Potter. He’s the only person in the movie who understands the real value of money. He’s not about to get retracted by all the nice feelings of kindness and compression that the other characters are foamed up by. He wants George to learn that everybody can be bought out if they play their cards right. The fact that George gets all uppity about it shows that he’s a total loser and has to have his friends bail him out. That’s why his name is George Bailey. Like, duh.

Still, Mr. Potter kind of freaks me out.



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