Charlie Brown Christmas

There are a bunch of kids Christmas shows from forever ago. There’s the Rudolf one with the big white gorilla who lost his teeth by that little dentist elf guy which is one of my favorites for sure. Then there’s a lame Frosty the Snowman one with some stupid bad guy which I thought was lame from the beginning. There’s a drummer boy one too I think, but I think I got bored with it after the second rum pa pum pum. There are a bunch of other old ones too which I can’t remember right now. Then there are all the new ones they keep coming out with but those are pretty much the same as the old ones except for that they’re in 3-D now or have lots more sex and swearing in them than the originals.

But for my money the best kids Christmas show of all time is the Charlie Brown Christmas one. It’s been on TV since I can remember and is the official cartoon Christmas show of the Catholics since the pope watched it the first time which is what Catchdog told me the other day when I saw him downtown. (He still smells like pee but he was wearing a bunch of those plain red Starbucks cups hanging around his neck for Christmas which made up for the smell a little bit, but not much.) Anyway, he said that the pope made Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lucy into saints but that the bishops wouldn’t let him do that for Schroeder or Snoopy due to the fact that Schroeder was a German and Snoopy was a dog. (I heard Lassie was up for a vote once too but his show got cancelled and that ended that.) Catchdog’s pretty up on thingsĀ when he’s plastered.

Anyway, the Charlie Brown Christmas show has just the right amount of depressing stuff to keep you from going overboard on the joy thing, but it puts in funny things like Snoopy putting up Christmas lights and imitating Lucy and dancing on the piano. And then there’s all that neat shooshy jazz music in the background and those fluffy snow flakes coming down and everything. It does slow down a bit when Linus goes on and on quoting Shakespeare about the meaning of Christmas but I guess they thought they needed something to class up the cartoon, which they didn’t in my opinion of it but I’m guessing that the advertisers pushed for it.

Anyway, almost every Christmas time I watch the Charlie Brown Christmas show. It’s a lot better than “It’s a Wonderful Life” mostly due to the fact that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is about money and Charlie Brown Christmas is about a half hour.



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