Squirrel blows up electrical transformer

I have told you before on this great blog about the squirrel nation and that I am never going to mess with them again due to the fact that I learned my lesson when I dumped that dead squirrel into my neighbor’s backyard once. The squirrel nation is more dangerous than Iran or North Dakota in my book of it which I found out.

Anyway, I was getting over the whole thing until I saw this in the paper today:

An electrical transformer exploded in Silverton, Oregon, on June 29 when a squirrel was electrocuted while climbing at the site. According to Silverton police logs, a police officer heard a loud explosion while conducting a traffic stop in the 500 block of West C Street about 2 p.m. The officer found that a transformer had exploded in the 300 block of Silver Street because of an electrocuted squirrel. The explosion caused one customer to lose power. Steve Corson, a spokesman for Portland General Electric, said the squirrel likely climbed up the power pole and reached up to the connection between the transformer and the wires, closing an electrical circuit and blowing a fuse on the transformer. The loud noise likely was caused by an explosive charge designed to cut off electricity in the event of such interference. PGE crews restored power at 3:50 p.m., but the power pole required replacement, Corson said. (Statesman Journal, Jul 8, 2012)

So now I am freaking out all over again due to the fact that maybe the squirrels are launching all-out war against mankind. Since they are too small to drive tanks, they are doing guerilla war against this great country. Which is kind of funny to think of squirrels pretending to be guerillas except for the fact that they mean business. I hope they remember how I treated them with respect.


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