Leaf Poetry

Being as I am a megaphysical professional, you shouldn’t be surprised that I am also pretty smart about poetry too. This is due to the fact that you have to think above your mind to write really good poems. Unfortunately most poem writers these days don’t know that and so they write what they think is a poem when it isn’t even close to being a poem. They think that just by putting some words together in a weird way makes something a poem which is so doesn’t. There are other people who think that anything that rhymes is a poem but this is a huge mistake and you would know this if you ever bought a card at Hallmart for somebody’s birthday or funeral. I don’t want to waste time talking about what’s not a poem since the whole point of this is to give you my insides about real poetry.

First off, good poem writers need to be able to think above their minds where the ideas and even some concepts are. Anybody can throw a bunch of words together about normal stuff. Here’s an example for instance of a not poem that’s about normal stuff that I just made up to show you what I mean.

my old lawnmower
sits in the rain
rusting like
a rusty chicken

Now some people would think that this is a really cool poem and I wouldn’t blame them due to the fact that I’m really good at writing even not poems. Even some poem books are fooled and put stuff like this in them which just personicates the problem. But just because people think stuff like that is a poem still doesn’t make it a poem. Now a person who thinks above their mind like me could look at that same lawnmower and then connect it to an idea that was lying around above their mind and write something like this:

the old lawn mower
doesn’t even work
so who cares
about it even one bit?

Now this has what you call megaphysicality in it which makes it really close to being a poem. Which a person who also has artisticality can put the finishing touches on to turn it into a real poem like this:

old lawn mower
rust away
just today
I bought a
leaf blower

You should notice that some of the words even rhyme but what makes this a great poem is what you call grammatic irony which I built into this poem. It is kind of an extra bonus for free. A literary person would read this poem and smile due to the fact of it being in there.

Anyway, I hope this helps so you know how to recognize a real poem from a fake one.

leaf pile final


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