Valentines Day Roadkill

.   .   .

So on the way to my health club this morning, which if you follow this great blog you know I already told you is not one of those stinky gyms like the YMCA where poor people go to sweat out loud, so I’m not going to talk about it again for the sake of repetition. Anyway, on the way to my health club to do my exercises today, which just happens to be Tuesday and on Tuesdays and Thursdays this guy named Joe who works at my club makes me do an hour of really hard exercises so that I can supposedly look like Bruce Lee except maybe 30 pounds heavier which I doubt I will ever look like mostly due to the fact that Bruce Lee is an Eskimo or some other ethical group and besides he’s dead now so what’s the point of that?

Anyway, as I was driving to the club I saw a dead skunk in the middle of the street. It was a fresh skunk for sure which I could tell by the smell, but it was still totally not alive anymore due to being run over. Right up front I would like to say that I did not do it. I am not a skunk killer and would like the skunk nation to know this. I had respect for that dead skunk as I drove by it. As the squirrel nation knows, I am a person who respects dead squirrels too and learned my lesson about throwing a dead squirrel in my neighbor’s yard which I will never do again. I even wrote a eulogy about that dead squirrel on this great blog. So I hope that the skunk nation remembers that I am a respecter of them even if they smell really awful when they get run over.

But as I drove by that dead skunk in the road, I thought of how it was Valentines Day and how that skunk and Valentines Day came together in a megaphysical contusion that an expert like me would for sure notice, which is why this is such a great blog in the first place.

That dead skunk reminded me of that cartoon skunk called Popeye La Pew. He was on television when I was a kid. He was a skunk who was really into romanticalism and there was this black girl cat who he thought was a girl skunk and so he chased her and kept trying to kiss her. I remember that Popeye La Pew had a French accent which I thought was weird since he looked like an American skunk to me except for the cartoon part of it. I think it was probably a fake accent due to the fact that France thinks it has the corner on the romance market so to speak which is a total crock if you ask me. Besides, it would be more believable if Popeye had a Texas accent which is where skunks come from I read in a magazine once.

Anyway, like I said, that cartoon skunk was always in love and chasing after that girl cat by mistake. And do you think that girl cat liked Popeye? You bet she didn’t even one bit. But that didn’t stop that skunk from chasing her all over the place trying to get a kiss out of the deal. It was kind of embarrassing if you want my opinion of it. But that’s what romanticalism is about so it seemed like I should mention the dead skunk I saw in honor of Valentines Day.

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