Cold sore

I have a cold sore on my top lip. It looks like this picture which is not my personal lip but a cold sore model. I don’t know why somebody would want to be a model of cold sores but I guess being a model for anything seems glamorous to some people. I am not that kind of person. I would not want somebody to take pictures of me to exploit my assets for commercial purposes, especially if it was selling underwear which I so would not even think of wanting to parade around in for the world to see. I’ve looked through those clothes catalogs and see how those sexy lady’s are posing in their underwear. You might even say I’ve done a study on those catalogues for thinking sake which is my job as you would know if you’ve been following along on this great blog. But no matter how much time I spend looking at those ladies in skiffy underwear I can’t seem to get above my mind like usual. So I don’t look at them for megaphysical inspiration anymore, just mostly for social reasons.

Anyway, the cold sore on my top lip happened instantly. All of a sudden I started feeling this shrinky pucker feeling and bang there it was. I was amazed at how fast it showed up on my lip. My organic wife took one look at my pucked up lip and told me all casual like that I’ve got herpes. I laughed at her all scornful so she wouldn’t start thinking she knew more than me. But then when she was doing something else I pretty much ran to my computer to check on it and I totally freaked out. It said that a cold sore is really the herpes virus! Well, that pretty much ruined my day, let me tell you.

The worst part is figuring out where I got herpes in the first place. It’s a mystery to me. I’m in a monotonous relationship, but I haven’t kissed my wife in months.


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