Superbowl vs Religion

I do not watch the Superbowl. This is because I am not a fanatical fan like everybody else about it. I do not see the big deal even one bit. It’s like a religion which you should know by now I don’t like to be interrupted with on this blog. But in case you haven’t followed this great blog, you now know it on dead point.

There are lots of ways the Superbowl is like religion which a percepted blog would catch that the average person would miss. For example, both religion and the Superbowl are about winning. In the Superbowl they want to win the game and lots of reward money. In religion you want to win the game to and get a reward, except I don’t know if they have money in heaven or just use the barter system. Another way the Superbowl and religion are the same is that you have two teams. One is supposed to win and the other is supposed to lose. This is just like religion, including time outs when everybody takes a break for commercials. The Superbowl is mostly interesting if you like those commercials. They are funny even if the game is lame. That’s the same with religion. If the big game is putting people to sleep, there are lots of distractions to keep them from sleeping except for the sermon which is designed for sleeping in my experience. Both the Superbowl and religion have penalties too, except in the Superbowl you lose yards but in religion you lose your soul which makes it harder to score. There is also the 2-minute warning in both the Superbowl and religion. In the Superbowl they blow a whistle. In religion they have this thing called Armageddon which is the second to the last thing in the world. When that happens, you know the end is only a couple of minutes away. It’s pretty obvious if you see it.

There are some differences I can point out too. First, the Superbowl has better cheerleaders by a long shot mostly due to the fact of those skimpy costumes. Second, in the Superbowl it’s easier to keep track of whose ahead. You don’t see teams arguing about who’s got more points like in religion. In religion people want you to believe they are ahead even though nobody’s keeping score exactly. That’s called faith. The Superbowl has points. Religion has faith. But maybe the biggest difference is that the Superbowl changes teams most of the time. In religion you have the same teams all the time. It’s kind of boring actually, and religion people might take advice from me and only do their religion once a year and call it good. Super Christmas or something like that could work pretty good.

Well, the Superbowl will be over. No matter how good a game it is, it will be history as they say. That is not like religion. Religion has history but it never becomes history like the Superbowl. So in a way religion is more lasting, which means this blog will have to be careful all the time not to be interrupted by it.

Except I wish religion had better commercials and cheerleaders.


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