So maybe I am famous kind of

Since I spend most of my time thinking above my mind and not worrying about being famous, I never checked to see how many people read this really great blog. Mostly I just just write about megaphysical concepts with maybe an idea or two thrown in for the good of mankind. I am what you call an algoristic person who does things for the world and not just for personal reasons, kind of like that scrawny guy Gandalf in India who always wore a diaper and played the harp. I’m maybe not in the same boat as him in the fashion part but we’re probably pretty much even in the world betterment department. He has an unfair advantage due to the fact that he was killed by some crazy person which is also why everybody knows John Lemmon too even though he was from Canada.

Anyway, yesterday I was checking this blog to see what people were looking at and I accidentally saw at the bottom of the page where it said that there were over 900 followers. I don’t even know what that means exactly since I don’t know how a person can follow this blog except by signing up for it or something. But I was surprised to see that there were more than eleven which seemed like a good number at the time.

So anyway, it’s kind of reassessing to know that almost 900 people know what a great blog this is without my having to tell them over and over which I am not going to stoop about as you would know if you have been following this great blog in the first place which it seems over 900 people do I guess.

But don’t you worry about this going to my head due to the fact that even if it does that’s not where I do most of my thinking anyway. The only thing I did think about was if I charged $1000 a month for this blog I’d almost be a millionaire by now, but I got over that pretty quick too. Money and thinking above your mind don’t go together, as I should know probably better than anybody.


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