India has lots of people for sure

India is a very crowded place. I have heard that there are around 1.2 gazillion people here, not counting cows and crows which I won’t dignicate by adding them in. But even without Indian cows and crows there are enough people to go around, let me tell you. Everywhere you go there are lots of people. You can’t even be alone without lots of people being there alone with you. The streets are filled with people. Some are going somewhere—which I don’t know where they would be going since as far as I can tell everywhere is pretty much the same as everyplace in India, but maybe when you’re from around here you start pretending that there’s someplace different to go just so you don’t go crazy with all the people around.  Some people aren’t going anywhere due to the fact that they are just sitting around. These people probably figured out that there is really no place that’s different from where they are and so they just stay in one place and let everybody else move which saves them a lot of energy probably.

The fact that there are total crowds (I just noticed this: cows, crows, crowds. That is a pretty neat pattern if you as me about it which you get by adding one letter each time and you end up with a different word. But I didn’t plan that, I only noticed it after it happened which is something that India can do to you and it’s famous for it. This is what some of the guys named Yogi call enlightenment which is really only finding extra letters in life that change the meaning in a pattern. They are there all the time but when you sit like a pretzel for a long time, which I tried once but gave it up due to the fact that I only had a ratty pink bathrobe to wear when I tried it and I felt like such a sissy before I hit the light they all talk about.) everywhere here (if you have a short retention span you may need to go back to the start of this paragraph to find the beginning of this sentence which got interrupted with the noticing I did) probably is why India is noticed for being megaphysical due to the fact that to get away from all these people you have to get above your mind which is the only place you can be alone with yourself. This is only a theory since I don’t know if India Indians have crowds above their mind like they do in real life which is a real possibility since they have 330 gazillion gods too which points to the fact of even in Indian heaven there are crowds that you can’t get away from. Maybe that’s why some of the holy guys they have here do such weird stuff like stick their head in the dirt for days just to get away from everybody for a while. I wouldn’t know for sure but so far it seems like a workable hypotenuse to me.

So basically India is a crowded place everywhere. The good thing is that when you have this many people in one place at least you’re able to keep track of them. This is very helpful for the rest of us so we can find as many India Indians as we want all in one place. I’ve heard there are a few of them in England, but this is most likely due to the fact of that England maybe didn’t check their luggage when they gave India up and went back home. But most of the time if you want a few Indian Indians for something, say a party or something, then you only have to look in one place to order them, and from what I can tell there’s plenty of them in stock.


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  1. Interesting ramblings. hmmmmm…..

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