India thunder storm

If you have been paying attention, I am in India. Actually, I am in India even if you haven’t been paying attention but the whole point is that you would know so that I can get on with this blog and not have to keep reminding you where I am but that is your issue not mine due to the fact that even if I don’t pay attention I’m still in India. You would see the logic of this if you were in India too mostly because India has that effect on you when you’re in India which, like I said, I am. But I don’t want to interrupt myself with repetition of what I’ve already said and so I’ll let sleeping logs die as they say.

Anyway, I already told you about the hotness of India. In Chennai where I am, which by the way used to be called Madras back when I first came here due to the fact that the British who used to own India called it Madras instead. After the British decided that India was too hot and weird to turn into England which was probably a good idea in the long run due to the fact that British people look really terrible when they sweat and that’s pretty much a full-time job in India, well, England gave India to the India Indians who moved here when they thought that England would make improvements which they did for sure. England made trains and tea and other civilizational stuff that those Indians really wanted so they moved here in droves to take advantage of them. But the British knew that those newcomers didn’t know how to be English one bit so they did the next best thing and let them be servants and poor people which worked really well until that guy who wore diapers started making waves. Then those Indians started to believe that India was their country which is also what’s happening in America with newcomers thinking they can just take over because they are citizens. Anyway, after England gave India to the Indians things started to go down hill fast I’m telling you. For example, there isn’t a single Starbucks in all of India. This boogles the brain in my opinion of it and is a sign of this not being America even close.

This brings up the thunderstorm that hit town this morning which I am going to tell you about. Well, things were totally hot and humid around here so much that you wouldn’t believe it. I already talked about this too so I’m not going to recitate it here for the sake of clarity. Anyway, this morning all of a sudden lightning flashed and thunder boomed like crazy which I am serious about. The thunder was like somebody was shooting off TBN or artillery shells. If a person was supercilious they would think it was the gods being mad or something which in India they sure could be since there are so many of them they probably get in each other’s way a lot and fights break out. But since I don’t want to be interrupted by religion I won’t expectorate on Indian gods except to say that you would think that they’d have better things to do than make all that racket. But as I stood at my window and watched that lightning and heard that thunder exploding suddenly there was a flash and boom and sparked shot out of one of the electric outlets right in front of me. I said whoa for reals and waited for the power to go off which it didn’t and I’m glad about since when the power goes off in India you are stuck without air conditioning or lights and end up having the real unEnglish India smack you right in the kisser and that can make you wonder why you’re there in the first place which you never know the answer to, mostly due to the fact that India has that effect on you too.

So that’s pretty much it for the India storm issue which isn’t really an issue but more of just what you call an observation which doesn’t need you to think above your mind. There are some megaphysical things around here for sure, like that motorcycle ride I told you about which you would know if you have been following this great blog. But there are other megaphysicalities in India too that I have not talked about yet but for now I’m going to go take a shower and sit in front of the air conditioner in my room totally naked. I mention this for the reason of disclosure so you will know that I don’t have any interesting conflicts when it comes to being in India and so you will know how hot it is over here. In India being naked is what you call a metaphor which is a way to say that being naked in front of the air conditioner means more in India than it does in America where you would only just be naked plain and simple not a metaphor. But this is a side topic which you would see if you remembered what the real topic is, except I’m not sure you do, if you want to know what I think about it.


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