Indian Crows

Just so you know, there are gazillions of crows in India. It’s not like in America where crows only show up every once in a while due to the fact that they are lower class birds and they know it but in India the crows have pretty much taken over the bird business. They are everywhere and I think this is mostly due to the fact of all the piles of garbage everywhere which is totally like crow fast food restaurants which they eat pretty much for free.

In the morning I go up to the roof of this place I’m staying at which if you want to know is what most houses have here in India which is a flat roof which is used like a deck or patio where you can go get some fresh air which is not down at the level of the garbage but up as high as you can get for sure. Anyway, when I go to the roof in the morning before the sun gets too hot to even be outside there are a gazillion crows already flying around and sitting on everything and cawing away like they are some mafia gang birds who know they’re lower class but are sort of in your face about it as they caw at you and caw at each other like they’re saying hey look at the white American guy on the roof over here and tell me if he doesn’t look like some dweeb from America. I don’t know if crows can actually say all that but for sure they have a look in their eye which is about the same thing if you ask me about it.

So there I am up on that roof trying to get a little ungarbaged fresh air before the whole day gets turned into a roaster and you take your skin in your own hands even to go outside for a second and all those crows are up there like they own the whole town which they pretty much do and they know it.

Which I forgot to tell about which is due to the fact that it’s so hot you can’t even have a shower last more than a minute before you’re sweating already. Now Indians (not the cowboy kind) are used to sweating all the time but citizens of the great country of America don’t like to sweat unless they are at a health club where sweating is controlled. In India everybody sweats all the time and that’s normal here which is not normal for an American like me to be around all this uncontrolled sweating. Uncontrolled sweating is a sign of being in what you call a third-world country which some people now try to call the three-fourth world out of guilt that we don’t have uncontrolled sweating like they do. But I am not locked into political correction like lots of people due to the fact that I think above my mind which goes across culture without having to notice it except for the uncontrolled sweating which I have already talked about. Anyway, I end up taking a lot of showers during the day just to keep myself American for a couple minutes at least and then I put the air conditioning on in my room which is a statuary of Americanness for me.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say right now since I’m starting to sweat without permission.


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