India weird thing that happened

If you have been following this great blog you will know that I am in India which is not anywhere close to America. It took me about 24 hours in the plane to get here and I’m not afraid to tell you that after that long in a plane you start to ask yourself what in the world you are doing. I still have not come up with an answer mostly due to the fact that it is very hot here which is what I want to talk about.

Some people think that India is the starting place of megaphysicality but all I can say is that it is so hot here that you’re lucky to get your mind even working at all so getting above your mind is almost impossible unless you are one of those guys who wear diapers which I am so not. I tried that meditation thing once before and I am no way going to try it again in India just because I am in India.

Anyway, India is a weird place even without diapers. Here is a case of points to prove this. I was walking on a path on the beach close to the place where I am staying. I walked there this morning before it got so hot I couldn’t go outside or I would get myself totally burned by that Indian sun which I am not sure is the same one we have in America except for maybe in Arizona but I know that science would not support me on that except in India science is an option not a rule like it is in America. Anyway, I was walking with a bunch of India Indians (not the kind that own casinos) and this random India Indian stops me and asks me if I am from some company which I totally wasn’t and told him that with a blank point. Then to be polite since I was in his country not my great one of America I asked him where he was from. I expected him to say India since he was the kind of Indian that is from here but he didn’t. He said he was from Portland, Oregon. I am not kidding. That is exactly what he said. I blinked at him big time and said that I was from Salem, Oregon, and then he probably blinked back at me which I couldn’t tell since he was wearing sun glasses. (I was too but I knew that I blinked since I was on the inside of mine.) Then we talked about stuff as we walked on that walk. At the end I was polite and said good bye but I didn’t tell him that I thought it was unnatural to meet somebody from 40 miles away when I was over 10,000 miles away from my house. I’m thinking it was mostly his fault that this happened but didn’t say that to his face since I was being polite as I already told you.

So that was it for me and I came back to my place which has air conditioning and a good thing too since the sun got really really hot and made it impossible to be outside unless you were poor which I am only in America. But as I said I want to talk about how hot it is here which it is. You can’t believe how hot it is here. That Indian sun (maybe not American but I don’t know) burns down on you like it’s mad at you or something. Maybe it is one of those gazillion gods they have over here which I would definitely believe if I was an India Indian and didn’t have to worry about making just one god angry. But since I’m an American I don’t have to be interrupted by religion I’m probably safe on that. But that doesn’t matter when that Indian sun is burning on you like crazy and it’s so hot it feels like you’re in India which you are and that makes it worse than normal. So I spent the afternoon in my air conditioning like an American should.

I am going to try to get above my mind a least once over here just to see if it’s the same as when I’m back home but I wouldn’t know.


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