Travel size toiletries

In case you didn’t know it I am going to India this week. If you have been following this great blog you should know that I have been there before and wrote a bunch of stuff about India. I am telling you this so that you won’t have a wrong apprehension about if I am going to write more stuff about India when I am over there. Well, I can tell you for sure that I’m not going to write the same stuff about India for sure due to the fact that except for religion the worst thing I don’t like to interrupt myself with is repeating myself due to the fact that it involves repetition which I am against mostly. So if you want to read about what I wrote about last time start HERE and work your way to the end of the India writings which you should figure out for yourself.

Anyway, if you don’t know about it, you can’t just drive to India from this great country. India is on the other side of the world from where I live and so you have to take a plane to get there. It still takes hours and hours and hours but it’s better than taking a boat which would take weeks or even months if you got on one of those junks. But I’m not into adventure for the sake of it. I only do adventure if it’s in the way of where I need to go in the first place. I’m not what you call a linoleum junkie.

Which brings up getting ready to fly to India. There are lots of things you have to do to get ready to fly to India. First you have to get your suitcase ready which I already have due to the fact that I end up flying places a lot. Then you have to wash all your underwear so that you don’t have to wear it for more than five days before you can use fresh underwear again. (This is at least three days longer than normal for me due to the fact that I have hygiene issues after three days even in normal life.) So I pack as much clean underwear as that suitcase can fit and still leave room for some shirts which you can maybe wear up to a week if you don’t mind a little smell. The problem is that India is hot and you end up sweating a lot and that shortens the so-called shelf life of your shirts so I try to bring enough shirts as I do underwear to make it easier to keep track.

Well, after the clothes issue is solved, I have to go buy what you call travel size toiletries. I don’t like the name toiletries mostly due to the fact that they really don’t have anything to do with toilets exactly except maybe that you use some of those things in the same room as they have a toilet and so maybe they got their name due to proximity kind of like how South Dakota got named because it got put next to North Dakota.

Anyway, here’s a list of little toiletries I usually get to go on my trips:

  • Little shampoo
  • Little shave foam
  • Little toothpaste
  • Little deodorant
  • Little witch hazel (for shaving)
  • Little aspirin
  • Little soap
  • Little toilet paper (which does have to do with toilets)
  • Little allergy pills
  • Little hand cleaner
  • Little ear cleaner sticks
  • A razor
  • Septic stick for shaving cuts

All of this has to fit into a little plastic zip bag so they can look at your privates before letting you get on the plane. If you have to keep your privates to yourself you might as well take a bus.

So, anyway, I’m telling you all this so you will know that I probably won’t be writing this great blog until I get back unless I find a computer over there that I can write on to up something you can read. I wouldn’t hold your breath but you never know.

So I will be in India and maybe I will find something megaphysical over there that I haven’t talked about already but I doubt it. I think I’ve pretty much covered all there is about India. That’s why this is such a great blog in the first place.


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