Cow part issue

I am not a prune that is shocked by cultured exposures. Even though I spend most of my time above my mind where my job is I’m still what you call sophisticated when it comes to things like sex and nakedism. I know the difference for instance as an example between breasts and boobs which the unartisticated person would think is really two names for the same two things. I am able to stand in a museum for hours and stare at a painting or statue with famous breasts and not fall into the mistake of thinking that they are just knockers. The not sophisticated person would probably just look at that painting or statue and only see a pair of naked hooters, but not me. I’m what you could call worldly except without the cigarettes.

Which brings up cows. Now I don’t have a problem with normal cows just standing out in a field. They are minding their own business eating grass or chewing gum which is what a cow is supposed to do. When I drive by them on the highway I think to myself that we are in a great country that has cows with dignity and justice for all. They don’t jump around trying to put on a show or make a lot of noise like barking you-know-whats do in my neighborhood around 2:00AM and wake me up and make me jump in my car to find out which stupid you-know-what is doing the barking so I can call the police so they can drive by too late to hear anything which always happens when that happens.

Like I say, normal decent cows are good Americans and they can stand wherever they want as long as it’s in a field where they belong, not like the cows I saw in India that walked right through town like they owned the place and pooped on the road and ate from the piles of garbage that were all over the place too. But I don’t want to repeat myself about India cows due to the fact that I already talked about them once and don’t need to go over it again, except if you want to read about them you can if you click HERE.

Except I should say that I am going back to India next week to teach some people how to think above their minds on religion (which I won’t be interrupted with on this blog mostly due to the fact that in America we have the separation of religion but in India religion is mixed up with everything even cows so it’s normal to stir everything up into one big pot so to speak and let the soup fall where is does). If I have a chance to talk on this blog when I’m over there you can read about it but in case I end up in a place where you have to use regular mail to do blogs I will probably just save my concepts about India above my mind and get them when I get back to this great country where the cows are unmegaphysical like they’re supposed to be. But if you want to read the blogs I wrote when I was in India before then you can start HERE and read them in order and you will get the benefit of this great blog backwards too.

Anyway, even though I appreciate respectable cows and am sophisticated, I have a problem when cows expose their milk parts for the world to see. I’m not talking about the cows with small faucets which you don’t really notice. I’m talking about those dairy cows with gigantic pink parts that look like they’re going to explode like a milk bomb or something. They’re so big that the cow can barely walk. Even though I’m worldly about most things, those humongous parts hanging there like the Doosenberg hijack my normally above the mind activity and I end up trying to look away as fast as I can but it’s too late and I end up staring at those cow parts beyond my control of it. This is a sure sign that those huge milk parts are not normal even a little bit and shouldn’t be flaunted around anywhere near a highway for sure.


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