22 words blah blah blah

There is this web place I keep seeing called 22 words. People keep upping links to it like it’s some big deal or something. So I went to that place a few times to see what the big deal was all about and let me tell you it wasn’t any big deal at all.  It was even a scam in my opinion of it due to the fact that it didn’t even have anything of its own there but only things it stole from other web places on the web. This is what you call highway piracy plain and simple. They are making a name for themselves by using other people’s stuff and pretending that they are such a cool web place due to the fact of it. Ha I say. Ha ha ha even.

And the whole scam of the name of that place is a total scam. The call it 22 words but they hardly have any words at all that I can tell, only pictures that they stole mostly. But even if they do have words that they stole, they are trying to make you think that they can be smart and cool in 22 words. Ha again I say. There is this saying that a picture is worth a thousand words so when those stealers up a picture they stole from someplace else they are already way over the limit of their title. This is for sure fake advertising and I am against it.

And what’s so cool about 22 words anyway like they are more precinct than anybody else? If you have been following this great blog then you should know that megaphysicalities can take more than 22 words due to the fact of expansion. This is not because I can’t think above my mind in under 22 words but because I inflate those concepts into normal words which need more words to cover the topic so it can be understood by normal people. Bragging about 22 words is easy if you stay in your mind instead of going above it like I am famous for. And when those 22 words are not even your own (or you cheat with a 1000 words picture) then you are barking up somebody’s pants if you ask me about it.

So all I can say about the 22 words place is woop de doo on a stick with mustard.


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