If you have been following along on this great blog you will know that I have come down from above my mind due to the fact that I’m talking about philosophic concepts which are mostly not as high up as megaphysical ones which I am an expert on as you should for sure know by now if you’ve been paying attention. I have already covered pretty much everything on justice and beauty and now am going to talk about truth which is like the holy grate of philosophy since the ancient times.

The first thing is to defile terms. What’s the point of explaining something if people don’t even know what that something is that you’re explaining? You’d end up getting to the end of a great  explanation and find out that you explained something different than what the other person thought you were explaining due to the fact that you had different ideas about concepts from the heave ho. The idea that you can have ideas about concepts is pretty interesting of itself in my opinion of it  which is like an extra layer of thinking over the thing you’re thinking about in the first place and if you know that you have an idea about a concept then you have another layer of thinking on top of the thinking you’re doing about a concept which is itself a thing you have to think about even to have it. If you’re not careful you could get caught up in what they call an endless repression which is sort of like those automated answering services you get when you call the bank or something. All you end up doing is pushing more buttons until you end up somewhere you have no idea how you got there and end up hanging up out of pure flusterment.

Anyway, the point of the manner is that you have to say what truth is first before you can explain it. The easiest way to say it is to say that truth is what is true which works most of the time if you’re not planning on doing that extra level of thinking which I just told you about and won’t repeat myself on. But if you want to think about the fact that truth is what is true then you have to actually think about what is true first in order to go backwards to end up with truth. The idea (a thinking layer) is that unless there’s something true then you can’t end up with truth which is different from starting with truth and ending up with something true which is a big mistake that some philosophers make due to the fact that they don’t want to have to do the leg work but just want to start at the top so to speak. But this ends up with what they call failacies of thinking like for example UFOs and health care. So to get to truth you have to find out what is true first and work your way backwards which is kind of fun if you have time.

But a megaphysical person like me can pull a few tricks out of a hat to get to truth faster than the normal philosopher due to the fact that I can make the jump to above my mind and save tons of time. It’s like in Star Trek when they go into warp speed or  maybe like flying into one of those worm holes in space they talk about where you take a short cut to another place in the universe and end up getting there an hour early. That’s what jumping above my mind is like sort of because I can go up there and end up at truth without having to add up all the true things along the way. You have to be careful though because you can end up taking a wrong turn if you’re not paying attention and get in the wrong part of town.

Anyway, for most people it’s a good idea (another layer) to think about truth in small bits. Then you can stop every once in a while for a nap or snack or even to use the bathroom.


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