As you would know if you have been following along on this great blog, I am going to come down from above my mind to talk about the three big concepts of philosophy. As I said before but will say again for the sake of repetition, philosophy is not as high as megaphysicality which is what I am an expert in as you should also know by now, but philosophy has come up with a few concepts that are worth looking at for the sake of well roundedness. I will try not to get too technical from the megaphysical respective so you can follow along which is another reason this is such a great blog in the first place.

The first big philosophical concept of philosophy that philosophers philosophize about which I am going to talk about now is what they call justice. This basically means that everybody gets what they have coming to them no matter what. The good guys get good stuff for being good and the bad guys get bad stuff for being bad. With justice the bad guys don’t end up getting good stuff and the good guys don’t end up getting bad stuff. Another way to put it is that good guys get rewarded for being good and bad guys get punished for being bad. Nobody can sneak by due to the fact that they have a lot of money or are a really good dresser like Lady Gaga. As they say, hell is paved by retentions of that kind. And on the other coin of the side of it, a good guy doesn’t end up getting the raw end of the carrot due to the fact of injustice which is the opposite of that carrot so to speak.

In ancient days before they invented concepts they hired gods to do the work. They hired a girl god for justice which is kind of weird since girls back then were more into cooking and sewing. But maybe they didn’t have to pay her as much as a man god would cost due to the fact that she was a girl and blind too which would have been a good business decision. If you can get justice for less, I say go for it.

So that’s pretty much it for justice in my book.


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