Labor Day

I don’t get Labor Day except for that it’s supposedly the last weekend of the summer they say. Well, I don’t know about that since by the law summer isn’t over until September 21 which means there are a some weekends left over after Labor Day which kind of blows that theory out of the tub.

From what I can tell from it Labor Day is supposed to be a day you take off from work which means you’re not supposed to do labor on it anyway. Maybe work and labor are two different things. Maybe it’s okay to work on Labor Day but you’re not supposed to labor on it. Maybe work is more what you call superficient and labor is deeper. You could say that work is what labor looks like when you do it and labor is just theoristic of work in general. This is getting close to a megaphysical concept but since we’re talking about taking a day off from it you can’t put it in the above the mind category like you could if it was above reality which you can’t take a day off of. So I guess you’d have to call the whole work/labor thing more of an idea than a concept which shortens up this blog quite a bit due to the fact that I don’t have to get above my mind to talk about it.

Anyway, maybe in the old days Labor Day was a big deal. Back when people actually did labor instead just work like they do today. But then unions got ahold of work and turned it into what you call an ideolatry which is a fake idea made up to get more money for the same amount of work. I am not an enemy of money mostly due to the fact that I never have any and I can sure tell you that money may not make the world go around but it sure gives it a reason to. But that’s beside itself as far as Labor Day is about which is what I don’t get as I have been saying.

But just so you know, even though unions ruined work for everybody I am not exactly against them. I’ve heard they have good picnics and give people something to pay dues to. But I have also heard that unions are connected to organic crime and that those big bosses scalp off money from the union to spend on prohibition and drugs. Which I totally believe if you want to know about it due to the fact that I have read about that guy Jimmy Hoffa who suddenly wasn’t there anymore which is really hard to do unless you have connections so to speak. This is proof that unions are trying to take over this great country except for maybe North Dakota who wouldn’t put up with that. Besides, in North Dakota a union couldn’t sneak up on anybody due to the flatness. Those North Dakotans would see that union guy coming a mile away and give him the old boot let me tell you.

So on Labor Day I am probably just having a normal day so as not to confuse myself with convictions. And you can bet that if some union guy shows up at my door wanting to get me to join I am going to give him the eagle eye and maybe even make a cement joke just to bug him.


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