There is this little kid who lives across the street from me. He has bright red hair and freckles. One day a while back I called him Fireboy just for fun. (I like to mess with little kids due to the fact that messing with big people can get you beat up.) Anyway, the kid took me serious and decided that he really was Fireboy and got his mom to make him a Fireboy cape and now every time he sees me outside he runs across the street yelling “Never fear Fireboy’s here!” which is what I told him Fireboy would say when he runs across the street not looking to see if any cars were coming. And just so you know I did not tell him to run across the street without looking for cars. That was something he made up all by himself that I am not responsible for. But because I’m kind of responsible for there being a Fireboy in the first place, if I catch him just about to fly across the street I tell him to look out for cars since getting run over by a car is not my idea of messing with a kid.

Anyway, one thing that kid has going for him (except for the running across the street thing) is pretending. After I first told him he was Fireboy he thought I was missing a link or something and asked his dad if I didn’t know that he was a real boy. His dad gave me the benefit of doubts and told his kid that I was just playing. Well, that’s all that kid needed to hear to jump into Fireboy all the way. As long as there was a reality he was free to ignore it as much as he wanted and be the real Fireboy no matter how many cars could run him over. (Which is totally not my fault since I did not tell him that Fireboy has secret powers to have him not get run over.) So now he’s a kid with a double indemnity due to pretending which I invented for him for no charge.

So this brings up the whole idea of pretending which is ignoring reality which you have to have to pretend in the first place. If you get rid of reality you’re not pretending anymore just nuts. Take this guy who calls himself Dave the Rave that I met under the bridge last week when I was looking for Catchdog who I wrote about when I was giving you the meaning of life. Well, I didn’t find Catchdog since somebody said that he got a job at a bank as a loan officer which I am glad about for him mostly because it’s not at my bank. Anyway, there was this other guy standing where Catchdog used to stand called Dave the Rave who I never saw before. I’m guessing he was probably transferred from another bridge in town but you can’t always get the story straight from these guys so I wouldn’t put all my eggs in that bucket.

Well, Dave the Rave told me that he was the holder up of the bridge. He said that if he stopped holding it up it would come crashing down like nobody’s business. I could tell that he was not pretending for sure so even though I didn’t exactly believe him I got out from under there quick mostly because I don’t like to tempt fate even if I don’t believe in that either. In my book there’s no use pushing against a horse when you’re not wearing any shoes so to speak. It’s better to leave wells alone. A hole is a hole no matter what it’s made of. (I wrote about holes too once which you can read about if you want which shows you why this is such a great blog.) So I left Dave the Rave holding up that bridge and I’m not afraid to tell you that I don’t drive over that bridge unless I have to just to be safe about it.

So my case of points here is that Fireboy is pretending due to the fact that he is ignoring reality and Dave the Rave is not pretending due to the fact that he’s holding up that bridge. This is an important idea (not a concept) that separates the Fireboys from the Daves in the world.

Oh, sometimes in front of the bathroom mirror I pretend that I am a rock star when nobody is looking. This is in the interests of disclaimer so as to keep you informed of any conflict of interests on this great blog.


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