Camping with the stars

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When you are camping in the woods by a lake you can see the stars like crazy at night. These are not the same stars that you get in town which are totally lame and aren’t megaphysical even one bit. But the stars out in the boondocks are megaphysical to the max so that you could even fall into religion by staring at them if you’re not careful.

Every night I would go into this open field place and look up at those stars. I would stare and stare at them and a couple of times I tried counting but kept getting mixed up after about eleven and wasn’t sure if I was skipping some or counting some over again. Once I got up as far as 35 but then I sneezed and lost my place so I gave up on that idea.  I did see three shooting stars which are not really shooting or stars either but just chunks falling from space called meteroids. I also saw what you call the Milky Way which is a sort of white splotch across the sky. I read once that the Milky Way is the galaxy from sideways so I walked to the edge of the field to see if I could see it from a different angle but that was a bust, mostly because I tripped on a gopher hole which ended the science of the whole thing in one felt swoop.

Anyway, the point of it is that stars are totally megaphysical, especially when there’s more than 35 of them. You stare up at those stars and think of just how big the universe is which is thousands of miles from tip to tip. It takes light so long to get from the stars to earth that you could go on vacation and come back weeks later and still see those stars in the sky. It sort of bobbles the mind.

But instead of just standing out there looking at those stars, I started thinking above my mind due to the fact that it’s my job. And as I stared up at those stars I started to make concepts out of them. One concept is infinity. This means that there is no end to the universe but it goes on and on and on way past the end. Science says that the universe is still getting bigger all the time but this goes against the concept of infinity which is that infinity can’t get bigger due to the fact that it’s already infinity which is as big as you can get without ripping something. So you can see that science can’t stand up against megaphysical concepts when it comes to the universe except for maybe things like asteroids or predicting ellipses. Infinity is infinity plain and simple. You can’t do anything with it like expand it. I read that Alfred Einstein bent it a little but that doesn’t count since he did it in the lavatory above his mind not in space where the universe actually is on most days.

The other concept I made out of those stars is God. Even though I don’t like to be interrupted by religion, stars make you deal with God even if you don’t believe in him. When you stare up at those stars you think about how they got so far up there without help. You think that maybe there is somebody who put them up there even if he did kind of a messy job with it. I mean, nobody’s perfect. But while I was staring up at those stars thinking about that I realized I had to go the bathroom and that ended it right then and there because even if there is a God who threw those stars up there, when you gotta go you gotta go.


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  1. You have no idea, or maybe you do, how completely and utterly I love this blog. As an amateur astronomer and someone who is in a state of transition, this really hit home. Thank you, Fred. Would you give me a hug?

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