The unmegaphysical parts of camping

As I told you before and you would know if you had been paying attention but I will repeat myself about this once due to the fact that you are probably out of practice since I didn’t write this great blog for a few days due to going camping which is what I told you before. And I also told you that I was not all that hip on camping for the fact that I am more of a nice bed and real toilet and hot shower kind of person even if I am what you call flaccid on other issues.

There ended up being some megaphysical things on the camping trip which I will talk about but first I want to get the unmegaphysical parts out of the way to clean the pipes out so to speak. Clogged pipes slow down things a lot especially when they’re draining from above my mind where I keep most of my concepts and a few of my ideas so it’s a good idea to flush out the lower issues right away. Once it’s wiped clean a person can get on with it. That’s just the way it works, even for professionals like me.

The first thing I didn’t like about camping is getting cold at night. Even though it is summer, at night it got kind of cold and I got cold even though I was sleeping in my van under blankets which I totally like better than getting stuffed in a sleeping bag and worrying how to get out in case the van caught on fire or a bear smashed in my window and I had to get away fast. This would totally make me not sleep one bit which defeats the whole purpose of going to bed at night in the first place. This is an obviated conjunction that is what you call self-referent which supports my case of points.

The next thing I didn’t like is not having a private bathroom for doing a person’s personal business. I didn’t have to go in the woods where the bears go since this was a campground place, but since I didn’t have one of those conceited RV things or a bathroom in my van I had to share a pubic bathroom. During the daytime it was alright if I timed it so that I was the only one in there which helps me not pinch up which I do when other people are listening to me to my business which I have already talked about before in this post on outhouses so I won’t repeat myself again on this issue which isn’t about outhouses exactly but kind of. Anyway, like I said, in the daytime it was okay but at night it was not all that great due to the fact that in the middle of the night I had to climb out of my van and walk in the total dark and cold across the campground to pee and let me tell you that was not what a person who has to pee like crazy in the middle of the night wants to do for sure.

Another unmegaphysical thing about camping I didn’t like was not shaving. Since I didn’t want to do it in front of everybody in the bathroom I decided just not to shave for five days. I figured that was okay since it gave me that rugged look that guys who sleep outside have in movies which it didn’t in my opinion only made me look like I hadn’t shaved for five days which I hadn’t. And a person who hasn’t shaved for five days starts to feel like that pretty doggone quick and that takes all the point of not shaving right out of not shaving and your right back to where you started except for the shaving part which is more of a technicality at that point. So you can sure that as soon as I got back home the second thing I did was to shave that thing off fast which I’m not afraid to say made me use up half my septic stick in one felt swoop.

Anyway, so that’s pretty much all I have to say about the unmegaphysical parts of my camping trip. So now that the pipes are clean I will talk about the megaphysical parts of camping where I was out there in the woods above my mind. This is something you can look forward to for sure. No wonder this is such a great blog.


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