The tree in the forest issue

Now that I am done washing my cars I can concentrate on megaphysical issues again which is what makes this blog such a great blog in the first place as you should know if you have been following it. If you are new to this great blog you will see that I am a professional about thinking above my mind where most of my concepts come from and maybe even a couple of ideas except for the ones that are left over and I use to make poems with which I already wrote about but you can go back and read some of them here if you want but I’m not going to repeat myself about them for the sake of repetition.

Anyway, I am going to talk about when a tree falls in the woods and there’s nobody there to hear it does it make a sound issue. Some people have some ideas about it and other people have other ideas which is what you would expect. Science people try to say that sound has to have a hearer to be a sound which is the definition of sound in their opinion of it. Ecology people who think trees are people too think that a tree probably says some last words in tree language and that it doesn’t matter if anybody understands it. They are called tree whisperers which I don’t have any opinion on except if they go around stopping Walmarts due to the fact of some old tree which is standing in the way of progress of this great country.

But I am not fooled by these other opinions on the issue due to the fact that I am not caught up in what you call the cultured wars. When a person thinks above their mind like me you are free from downer reality telling you what’s important and can pretty much just do what you want when it comes to issues. This is what you call freedom of depressed that you hear about but gets twisted to reprehend whatever everybody wants it to mean for their own inventory. So I will tell you how a megaphysical person deals with the issue.

The first thing you have to do is defile your terms. Like for example forest for instance. Is it a huge forest with lots of trees or just a little forest which is more of a woods than a forest? This makes a difference due to the fact that it’s easier to find your way around a little forest and with a big forest you might not even be able to find a tree that fell down in the first place. Some people think a big forest is more megaphysical but a woods can be just as a big of one. That poet Jack Frost wrote a poem about woods but not forests because he knew that you should only work with as many trees as you really need which is the exact definition of poems in the first place. Anyway, he wrote about two paths that purged a woods and another poem about shopping in the woods during winter (the store was what you call a metaphor and not in the poem). This shows that you don’t need a lot of trees to make a point.

The second thing is what kind of tree are you talking about. If a tree was already dead then nobody would really care if it fell or not. It would just go from standing up deadness to laying down deadness which is only a direction of deadness and dead is dead no matter which way it’s pointing in my opinion of it.  And then there are all kinds of different trees. If it’s one of those giant redwood trees and it fell it would most likely wreck a bunch of stuff like cabins which would make a difference for insurance purposes. So maybe it’s best to say it’s a normal tree that fell down to avoid unneeded imprecations.

And then you have to say what kind of fall you’re talking about. Is it a fast fall with a crash on the end of it or one of those slow leaning things that takes years to finish before it’s done. I think the fast kind is better due to the fact that the slow kind gets boring and nobody would even remember the question after a while and you’d be left with a fallen tree without anything to wonder about it at.

So you can see that a megaphysical professional like me isn’t going to expectorate without narrowing down the meanings of terms to talk about. This is how thinking above your mind stays in science and isn’t caught up in reality which can’t be figured out due to the fact of it being unhinged from itself most of the time. But with this great blog you don’t have to worry about that due to the fact that this great blog is for sure hinged to the max.


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