Concept Smasher Thought Experiment Results

Read about the experiment HERE.

Okay, it took me a lot longer than I thought to get the concepts going really fast even above my mind where the lavatory was set up. Maybe predestination and free-will were too heavy for my first try at it. I did get them going in opposite circles up there but it was really hard to keep track of them and sometimes one of them dropped out and I had to start over. It was kind of like trying to do a hoola hoop except with two of them going opposite directions and you can only move your hips one way. A couple of times I even got dizzy and had to take a break. After a while I got the hang of it and then started making them go faster a little bit at a time until they got blurry. I’m pretty sure I never got them up to infinity speed but they were at least doing 45-50 mph as far as I could tell. I decided to smash them anyway due to the fact that I had to get up the next morning to pressure wash my house which is no picnic let me tell you.

When I tried to smash them the first few times I missed and they just kept going around. I thought that with such big concepts they’d be easy to smash but they weren’t. They just kept missing each other. I lost a little speed on those tries too since I was concentrated on smashing them instead of on the fastness. So on about the 9th try they were only going about maybe 10-15 mph but that made it easier to get them to smash into each other. So I finally ended up smashing free-will and predestination together like I wanted except for they were going a lot slower than infinity speed which is what I was shooting for. So the big smash ended up being more of a clunk which was kind of disappointing especially since I had cleared out a space above my mind for the experiment. It seemed like a lot of trouble for a clunk in my opinion of it.

Anyway, those two concepts just clunked and then sat there. So I waited to see if anything came out of the deal like a God participle but I couldn’t see one bit of anything show up not even an idea. Oh, I did find a broken off piece of a concept but I wasn’t sure if it came from the experiment or was just something I missed when I was cleaning up above my mind to make room for the experiment. Besides, I couldn’t actually tell what that piece was so I just chucked it. Anyway, if I could have gotten those big concepts up to infinity speed or even faster maybe something would have happened. But that’s science for you.



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