Thought experiments

I am thinking about thought experiments which means you don’t do them in a lavatory with test tubes but in your mind. Most people don’t have enough room in their mind to set up a thought experiment due to the fact that the space is already used up. Geniuses have lots of extra room in their mind or maybe they have just organized the stuff in their normal mind so they end up with extra space. Either way, you have to have room in your mind in order to do a thought experiment. That leaves out pretty much most people in my opinion of it.

Alfred Einstein used thought experiments because he was working with things nobody could see. Take gravity. It was invented by a guy named Wayne Newton back in the Enlightenment times. (I already wrote about it before so I won’t go over it again except to say that if you want my take on gravity you can read it HERE.) But even though Newton invented gravity it stayed invisible on him no matter what he did. Einstein didn’t even try to make gravity visible. It’s probably not that he couldn’t do it but due to the fact that he was always inventing other things people couldn’t see so he most likely just didn’t have time. I think it’s a good thing he didn’t get distracted or we wouldn’t have things like light, space, or time which he personally came up with. I think it’s safe to say that without Einstein things would be just heavy and nothing else.

Anyway, Einstein brought all his invisible inventions into his mind and experimented with them. He experimented with rockets going almost the speed of light (which he invented) and elevators that went up and down and even trains going past each other. As you probably would guess, to get all that in his mind he needed a lot of space in there which he did for sure. Most people might be able to squeeze in a small elevator or maybe a ladder but that’s about it. So in his thought experiments he discovered all kinds of things that nobody can see and he proved them too. That’s why he’s maybe the greatest scientist of invisible things ever so far.

So I was thinking that if Einstein could do thought experiments with invisible things in his mind, I should be able to do even bigger experiments with bigger invisible things above my mind where there’s tons more space to work with. (This is a case of megaphysical logic and hard to repute even with arguments so you will probably have to take my word on it.) So I’ve decided to try the biggest one I can think of which I thought of from my blog last time about theology. I’m going to see what happens when you get free-will and predestination going really really fast in opposite directions and then smash them together. Here’s what the experiment looks like that I’m going to try:

It’s kind of like that big Hadron Colluder I’ve heard about underground over in Africa except mine will probably work because it’s not real. And since this will take place in the lavatory above my mind I figure I can get those two things going up to infinite speed or even faster and then I’m going to smash them head-on and see what happens. Maybe I’ll find the God participle or maybe I’ll find something totally unaccepted. I don’t know due to the fact that I’ve never tried this before. Anyway, I’m going to do the experiment tonight after my shower to keep the area clean so as not to pollinate the results. Then I will put them on here so you can see them.

This could be totally epic. No wonder this is such a great blog.


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