Left over idea poems

Most of you know that I am a professional at thinking above my mind. But you probably don’t know that I’m also a poem writer too. This happens due to the fact that I have a lot of extra ideas left over that I don’t use exterpitating megaphysical issues. I usually give them a while to see if they ripen into concepts but if they stay just ideas then I eventually clean them out. So every so often I take whatever ideas I have sitting there left over and write poems with them. It’s kind of like recycling except maybe more like compost. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Anyway, here are some poems I wrote with the left over ideas which didn’t turn into concepts exactly:

Someone moved the sidewalk
It is not on the side anymore
But in the middle
I did not expect this

Can a person ever
Catch himself doing something else
In the mirror
Or are we doomed to
Just reflect?

Sticks and stones
Have names
And they can hurt you
So I guess that old saying is bogus

The rain falls on the old man
He looks lost and frightened
I think of giving him my umbrella
But decide he looks more poetic the way he is

That pretty much takes care of the left over ideas I wanted to clean out. There are a few others above my mind but I’m giving them a little more time to turn into concepts. If they don’t I’ll most likely use them to write some more poems.

.   .   .



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