Lady Gaga

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When you are a person who thinks above your mind like me, you are not impressed by most things, especially people who act like they are big shots. I can see right through them. Take those two TV guys John Steward and Sean Colbert. They act all funny and important but I would do that too if I got paid as much money for it as they do. Take away their pay and you end up with guys who don’t make a lot of money just like everybody else. And then there are all those politicians like senators and presidents and all those cabinet makers that work at the white house. They all like to act like they’re important and that we should pay attention to them and vote for them even though they don’t actually do any work. Take away their fancy offices and they’re pretty much going to be unemployed since they’re what you call unskilled labor. Maybe they could get a job in a teacher union but that’s about it.

But there is one person in this great country who is totally awesome and that is Lady Gaga. She is the total best and here is why. She is not like anybody else except for maybe Elton John but he’s fat now and Lady Gaga isn’t fat yet. She also knows that a show person has to put on a show due to the fact that that’s what show business is all about. This makes her different from politicians who put on a show instead of doing what they’re supposed to do. Lady Gaga is really her. I can see through her too but what’s under that is still her. This is a big test for reality in people.

If you have been following this great blog, you know that I am megaphysical which means that I can explain things that other people don’t even know about. This is because those things aren’t there in reality but only above my mind. This gives me a higher altitude than everybody else. Which might make you surprised that I would like somebody like Lady Gaga in the first place, but in my expert opinion of it she is the most megaphysical show business person out there. Tiny Tim (not the Charles Dickinson one) used to be the most megaphysical but he’s dead now I think which makes him all the way megaphysical now and you can be only mostly megaphysical to count. But here is a video of him which proves my point.

As you can see from this video, Tiny Tim is barely below his mind but just enough so he can play that really little guitar. But this is a concussion to reality that people who think above their mind have to make in order to relate to normal people, so you can’t count it against him.

So what I’m saying is that Lady Gaga has all the parts of being above my mind where I keep some of my ideas and most of my concepts. When she wore that meat dress (which I have a picture of here so you can see it) she pretty much put it over her top for me in the megaphysical department. I thought to myself, wow there is a megaphysical person for sure. The proof is that I didn’t even think about what kind of meat her dress was made out of which normally would have been the first question in my mind. (There is a huge difference between a dress made out of sirloin and one made just from chuck steak.) But like I said, I didn’t even think about that important difference with her which I for sure would have if somebody like President Trump or Elizabeth Warren tried to wear one. This shows that Lady Gaga was being above her mind even on TV in front of America. That puts her so far above Trump and Madonna that I’m not even going to deficate them by putting them in the same sentence as Lady Gaga.

Besides, the halftime show for the Super Bowl was way better than if Trump had done it.

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