The Meaning of Life—the Real Last Part (I totally mean it this time)

Okay, I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all the meaning of life things that are totally not the meaning of life which is what took me so many parts to get to the last part which this totally is for sure. I’m not kidding. This is the absolute last part on the meaning of life I am going to put on this great blog no matter what. I thought I was done after the first part until I got to the end of that part and wasn’t. That happened after the next part too until I ended up at this part where I am going to draw a line in the cake so to speak. As I said before and so as not to repeat myself again, if you don’t do the line you end up in what they call an infinite repression which once you’re in it you can’t get out of. This is no way to be megaphysical and anybody who thinks above their mind like I do will see my case of points.

The tricky thing about the meaning of life is that it’s always there but for some reason people don’t obviate it. It’s like the story about the pink elephant who was invited to a room where nobody talked to him or even offered him a drink or chips and other junk food. So there the elephant stood next to the food table with nobody even saying hi. The people all just ignored that pink elephant and even pretended he wasn’t there in the first place. This was a hard thing to do due to the fact that the elephant was pink. This made him stand out and also the fact that he was maybe 15000 pounds and completely naked too. So the people had to really work at not seeing that elephant in the room. This meant that they had to concentrate on eating the chips and junk food which mostly likely explains why so many people who don’t see the meaning of life are fat. This is just something I’ve noticed but is not an observation.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that the meaning of life is like that pink elephant (except for the chips and junk food part) that is there in the room. I’m not saying that the meaning of life is 15000 pounds which would be what logicist would call a misreprehensible analogy. If the elephant was smaller that might fix this problem but we’re stuck with the one we’ve got. As they say, you can’t switch elephants in mad dreams. So this bigger elephant is the one we have to work with. But I think the pink part works mostly even for a logicist.

The idea is that the pink elephant and the meaning of life are both really big which makes them obvious. The trick is to say hello to the elephant and start the ball rolling. You probably wouldn’t bring him a glass of punch due to the fact that he doesn’t have hands. This would embarrass him. You couldn’t tell from his color that he was embarrassed since he was already pink, but you would have to take this on faith. The meaning of life doesn’t have this issue even if it doesn’t have hands either, but anybody who is following me on this won’t be deranged by this little fact.

So, I’m pretty much saying that the meaning of life is right there in the room of life so to speak and all a person has to do is deal with the pinkness and be polite about it. All this arguing about the meaning of life over thousands of years is a total waste of time. The meaning of life doesn’t come from an argument, it comes when you send it an invitation. Just be sure that when it shows up you don’t do something stupid like offer it a glass of punch.

This ends my exploitation of the meaning of life. Even though it ends up being kind of simple, some of the above my mind things I talked about may take you a little more time to recitate. But if you really want to know the meaning of life for yourself instead of just learning about it from me, just head over to the food table and you’ll for sure find that meaning standing there all huge and pink.

If some of you aren’t really good at thinking above your mind like I am, you can go over this exploitation from the beginning to see if it turns out different.

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