The Meaning of Life — the Last Part (for serious)

Now I am going to tell you the meaning of life. I admit that I got a little bit extracted due to all my extra knowledge on this issue. That’s another occupuntual hazard of being good at thinking above your mind. It’s kind of like seeing all the scenery when you’re driving and you end up missing your turn. I am not used to this as I am a professional at being megaphysical. I am also not used to this due to the fact that I grew up in North Dakota where it’s pretty much impossible to get extracted by the scenery mostly due to the fact that North Dakota doesn’t have scenery unless you count flatness which I for sure don’t. South Dakota (which is totally not the same as North Dakota which those South Dakota people want you do think it is so you visit their state instead) has Mount Rushmore which is those five heads of important people (which I can’t remember who there are) dug into a cliff but that’s about it for scenery there. So don’t get mixed up about it when you see ads for South Dakota and they try to make you think there isn’t even a North Dakota on top of them. I already talked about North Dakota a lot so if you want to learn more about it from a megaphysical respective click HERE. But I’m not going to mention it now.

Anyway, as I was saying before I had to deal with the South Dakota issue, I am going set you straight on the meaning of life. And for the records, the meaning of life is so not whatever you want it to be or some lame thing like that. If that was the deal then there would be no meaning of life at all. It would be a complete combubalation of the facts of life so you might as well throw in the bowels and forget about it. And what’s the point of that I ask you? Nothing is what. Even the word “meaning of life” shows that there’s not a bunch of meanings but one. Anybody who can read American should know right up front that you’re talking about one meaning not more. So the combined evidence of it points to the fact that the there is only one meaning of life and anybody who thinks it’s whatever anybody wants it to be is ignoring the basic facts of reality in my opinion of it. This explains why people in India think there are millions of meanings due to the fact that they don’t speak American which is why I don’t exactly hold it against them except for a little bit which is a professional attriment of the job.

Anyway, let’s get right down to the real (one) meaning of life that I have been talking about for four parts already. Now don’t get the idea that four parts mean the issue is confligrated. The meaning of life has to be something that everybody should be able to figure out. This is due to the fact that you already have half of what you need already. If you’re alive you have the life part that the meaning is of. A dead person can’t have a meaning of life. I suppose they could have a meaning of death but I’m guessing they’re so busy being dead (which actually takes up more attention than life does) that they most likely don’t care. The weird thing is that some people think that death is part of the meaning of life. I even read somebody who said that it’s the fact that you’re going to be dead that gives you a reason to have a meaning of life. That’s totally off the floor in my opinion for the fact that death and life are almost opposite of each other. You can’t have one and the other at the same time so why even try? So for the sake of the point of the issue, let’s just say that dead people are dead and living people are living. (Religious people get the two mixed up with each other but I won’t be interrupted with religion on this great blog as I have said over and over so as not to repeat myself.)

So you see that the meaning of life is half figured out by everybody who is alive at the time of thinking about it. That leaves just the meaning part left which is a lot easier to work with when the life part is nailed down. Meaning means what something means. This means that something with a meaning isn’t just the thing itself but it has something behind it which is its meaning. What this means is that the meaning of life is what life it means. You can look it up in the dictionary if you want but that probably won’t help you since you can look up death in a dictionary too. I’m not saying that a dictionary is religious exactly but kind of. Still, if I was going to be religious I would choose a different book to be religious in, maybe one with pictures so I could do it fast and get it over with.

Once you see that the meaning part and the life part go together you’re almost finished. The only thing left is what you call insight. Insight is seeing something inside you, not like your tonsils or something like that, except if you’re throat hurts seeing your tonsils can be a good thing maybe. But the insight I’m talking about it seeing inside yourself the connection between life (due to the fact that your alive) and meaning (due to the fact that meaning means something you’re looking for). This is totally what I’m talking about which I have a good grip on due to the fact that I think above my mind.

Okay, it looks now like my next part will be the wrap up of the meaning of life issue instead of this one.

The Meaning of Life—the Real Last Part (I totally mean it this time)


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