The Meaning of Life Part 1

When I looked back at all the important things I have talked about on this great blog I was surprised that I haven’t talked about the meaning of life even once. Due to the fact that I think above my mind so much you would probably expect me to cover that ground right out of the coop. Most people think that the meaning of life is the most important thing that a person who is human can know about and they would be half right about it. But when you’re megaphysical like me, you know that the meaning of life isn’t something you can figure out just like that. It’s taken thousands of years of guessing to get to where we are today on this issue.

Some people don’t believe there even is a meaning of life. They are what you call ridiculists which means that they think the universe is a joke. (This is different from thinking that the universe is a riddle. It is also different than thinking the universe is a mime or a limerick.) This is an unfunded position due to the fact that if you think the universe is a joke then you are saying that you get that joke. (If you don’t get the joke then how do you know it’s a joke in the first place?) And if you say you get the joke then the joke has a point even if it’s only to make you think it’s a dumb joke. So anybody who thinks the universe is a dumb joke is admitting that it has a meaning even if it’s a really dumb meaning. This is a logical contraption and pretty much blows a hole in their posture.

Religions are experts in the meaning of life which is probably why most people get into a religion in the first place except for maybe the tax deduction part. (In this great country having a tax deduction is what makes a religion official. That’s why most people won’t even look at a religion without a tax deduction even if it’s a true one. Truth without a tax deduction isn’t really worth it if you want my opinion on it, but since I don’t like to be interrupted by religion you can make up your own opinion on it if you want.) Anyway, every religion has its own meaning of life. Which religion you pick depends on which meaning you like best. I am not a professional religionist, but I put together a summary of what some religions say the meaning of life is so you can get an idea (not a concept) of what each one is like:

  • Buddhism: “Life is a pain so you might as well believe in the fat guy.”
  • Muslimism: “Bow down a lot or we will kill you.”
  • Hindooism: “If you can sit like a pretzel you’re in.”
  • Jewism: “God likes us best, but that’s not always a good thing.”
  • Christianism: “Believe in Jesus but not too much.”
  • Confusionism: “Be nice to your parents; they have a will.”
  • Paganism: “Party naked in the woods even if you are ugly.”
  • Scientologism: “Life is not real but we agree on that.”

As you can see, the meaning of life isn’t easy for most people to find. Lots of people look to somebody else who they think figured it out for themselves, like maybe some saints or Lady Gaga. But as you probably know already I pretty much have a handle on this issue myself. You might even say I take the meaning of life for granite which is how I can get above my mind in the first place.

So in my next part I will tell you what I know about the meaning of life.

The Meaning of Life Part 2


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