I haven’t talked about coffee yet but now is mostly likely as good a time as never. If you have been following this great blog you will know that I am preconcerned with what you call megaphysical issues. I don’t usually deal with reality due to the fact that I’m more interested in important things which reality hardly ever is about. Don’t get me wrong about this. You have to have reality for the normal person or they would have a hard time even getting along with life. But people like me who think above their mind aren’t tied down to reality as you should know by now.

I will go right out and tell you that I like coffee on the whole of it. I have exemptions from this though. I don’t like cheap coffee that you get from cans. My parents drink that stuff like it’s the river of life. They hardly even drink water straight due to the fact that they get all their requirements from cheap coffee. Another exemption is decaffeined coffee which in my book is not real coffee at all but totally fake. I have already talked about fake things taking over reality so I am not going to repeat myself on that but in my book real coffee has to have caffeine in it to be coffee otherwise all you have is what used to be coffee before they used chemistry to suck out the coffee and leave the uncoffee shell behind that people buy thinking it’s better for them which is a gimmick if you ask me about it. So to add incest to perjury, my parents not only drink cheap coffee they also use decaffeined to boot. I think to myself, my gosh how removed from coffee can you get? I don’t say that to their face mostly due to the fact that they are old now and probably have the right to do lame stuff like that if they want to.

I do not drink coffee all day long like my parents and some other people do. There something wrong with that in my book. I normally drink one cup in the morning with my toast and that’s it unless I am eating supper in a nice restaurant and have a cup after dinner but that is rare since I don’t eat in restaurants a lot due to the fact that it costs money.

But even though I only drink one cup I make that one cup really good. First I warm my special cup which I don’t let anybody else drink from it. This is a deep thing with me since somebody in my house who I will not say who they are gets tea stains in their cups and this is totally unexcusible as far as I am concerned. A coffee cup is a coffee cup I say and you can take that to the farm. Anyway, I put filtered water in that cup and microwave it so that the cup is hot and won’t cool off the coffee I’m going to put in there. (You can see that I am an expert in this too and not just in thinking above my mind.)

Anyway, while that cup is warming I pour filter water into the electric kettle and push the button. And when that starts I grind some dark beans which I get from Costco. This is because at my Costco they toast their own beans every day so I get really fresh beans more than even Starbucks or Stimptown. I am what you call a stickle for freshness which is why I keep my beans in a zip locked bag and suck all the air out of it when I’m done. I’m the only person I know who does this that I know of. It is a secret for sure.

Then I put those fresh grounded beans into a cone filter thing and listen careful to the kettle. I try not to have those beans grounded more than a minute until the water is finished. This is a finicker thing too. When the kettle has a certain almost boiling sound I take it off. (Listening for that sound takes lots of practice.) I never let the water boil unless I’m retracted by something else like finding butter for my toast accidently thinking above my mind about something.  Anyway, as soon as that water is almost boiled I dump the other water out of the cup and put the cone thing on top. Then I pour the almost boiled water a little bit at a time over those beans until I have a cup of really good coffee that is way better than yours most likely.

Well, that’s pretty much it.


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  1. incest to injury??? LOL, that’s a good line, maybe you should use that one when you get on SNL.

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