Deering North Dakota

If you have been reading this great blog you will know that I am in the state of North Dakota. This is a flat state with one tree that I took a picture of. I also went to the state fair where I met a drunk guy who fell on my leg. There is wind here too which you would know if you were following along on this great blog.

So I went to this town called Deering. It is a little town that is stuck on the flatness in the middle of nowhere which is where they have to put towns in North Dakota. Deering has a post office and a bar and a cafe. That’s pretty much it except for some trailer houses and a brick school that is empty and falling apart. The bar is called Red’s bar. I did not go into the bar which had one of those ATV things parked in front. I also did not go into the post office mostly because I most likely wouldn’t have any mail there. I did go into the cafe. It is in a metal building called a quansit hut or something like that. It had a cement floor and some shelves with a couple of loaves of bread and some ketchup. In the back were a few tables and one of those old counters. I sat at the counter and this guy with no teeth came to wait on me. He was very friendly so I ordered the special. I was surprised at how good that food was though I didn’t recognize it. I bet it wasn’t organic for sure.

After my special I went out into the main street to walk around for a closer look. I was finished in about three minutes since there is not much there on main street that I could tell. So I got back in my car and headed out on the flatness again.

So that’s pretty much my experience in Deering. I would recommend that if you come visit it you bring along some pictures of a big town so you can look at something while you are there.

Oh, by the way, Miss USA visited Deering a few years ago. I saw her picture on the cafe wall kissing the guy with no teeth. Lucky duck.


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