A Tree in North Dakota!

If you have been reading this great blog you will know that I am in North Dakota. I went to the state fair in Minot but it was pretty not impressive except for the super drunk guy who fell on me when I got to the midway. This morning I went to sightsee at a Walmart to find out if they are different from Walmarts in other states. It was a huge super one and it took me about 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other. I can tell you that this North Dakota Walmart is flat just like North Dakota is. This is a bonus you would call a sincronicalism if you were up on megaphysical issues like I am. I also bought a bag of coffee there for two bucks cheaper than the grocery store. It was pretty exciting to find that deal. But after that find it was kind of boring so I left.

But here is the big suprise I had. I was driving out in the flatness to look at it due to the fact that flatness can make you concentrate above your mind which is what I am pretty much known for. Anyway, I drove along and saw this tree. I couldn’t hardly believe it. There was an actual tree on the North Dakota flatness! I’m serious. I stopped the car right then and there and got out to see if it was another one of the atomic allusions but it was there for sure. Seeing that tree there on all that flatness was definitely a megaphysical experience like seeing God or somebody even more famous in the middle of nowhere. I grabbed my camera and took a picture of it so people would believe me. I stayed looking at that tree for about three hours or less in kind of a dazed transitive state. This is due to the fact that a tree in North Dakota is a ubiquitism you can’t see anywhere else.

While I was staring at that tree I had some kind of mysticality happen. Since you know that I don’t like to be interrupted with religion on this great blog, I am hesitated about telling this. But for the sake of science I will report it. There I was on all this flatness looking at this tree. I noticed that it didn’t have any leaves on it even though it is still summer, so I figured it was either dead or in another dimension, kind of like Boy George. Well, I opted for the other dimension option since if it was just dead it wouldn’t be that big a deal. Well, as soon as I opted for that, I had the weird feeling that nobody was watching me from somewhere. It was enough to make me go back in my car and leave that tree standing there where I left it.

Even though the tree was not huge like the cow, it was more different than it due to the fact that a tree is not a cow or made of metal (except for those Christmas trees I saw at the Walmart which I forgot to tell about). So in my above the mindness which I always have, I saw the significance of that North Dakota tree which most people would have thought was just a dead tree not from a different dimension like I realized right off the bat.


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