North Dakota Wind

There’s one thing you can say about North Dakota. Well, actually there’s two which the first of which is that it’s really flat. This flatness is due to the fact that there are no major mountains in North Dakota. There aren’t even lots of trees most of the place to break up the flatness. This leaves you with a lot of non mountain and tree places everywhere which is the same as flatness, which North Dakota has a lot of.

The other thing you can say about North Dakota is that is is windy. I’m not talking about breeze which is more like a baby wind that can’t make up its mind. I’m talking about WIND, the BIG kind, sort of like the cow statue I already talked about but wind instead of being a cow statue. Scientists know that wind is air that is moving from one place where it was to another where it isn’t yet. Other places have wind but not like North Dakota. Because there are no trees or mountains to block it the wind in North Dakota is like a tank. It rolls over the flatness making it even flatter than you would think.

The fact that in North Dakota the wind is always windy, people have to deal with it all the time. Some people talk about it like it’s unusual which it isn’t. Other people say stuff like “How about that wind, huh?” Which the answer of that question is “Yeah.” Now you might think that is a stupid conversation, but what else are you going to say about it? Once you hang out in North Dakota for a while you will see that this is something called adaptation and proves evolution. You start out as a monkey and work your way up to “How about that wind, huh?”

These days greedy people are even trying to make money off the wind by putting up these huge fans that make natural gas or something. I think that is just plain stealing. You take wind which belongs to everybody and turn it into gas that you sell back to them for money. I think about this when I fill up my car here. I feel that wind blowing me when I’m at the pump and think “What a racket.” But since I’m only visiting this state, I probably can’t do anything about it. It still bugs me a lot.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that considering the wind nobody seems to fly kites here. I think that this is because North Dakotans don’t think wind is cute, which is what those kite people think. Kite people fly those colored streamer kites in the wind and they think it’s like cool or something. In North Dakota the wind is not cute even one bit. Besides, if anybody tried to fly a kite here the wind would blast them to Kansas in a about a second flat.



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