North Dakota

I am writing this from North Dakota which is a state in this great country. The reason I am in North Dakota is due to the fact that my parents live around here somewhere. I have come back to visit them if I can find out where they are. You would think that it would be easy to find them since North Dakota only has about 27 people in it, but you would be wrong for sure. People can hide here if they are good at it and my parents are good at it. When I told them I was coming for a visit they kind of laughed and said good luck. I thought they meant about driving safe, but now I think they meant something else. My parents are such joking people, but I hope they come out of hiding pretty soon so I can say hi to them before I go back home.

North Dakota is flat except where it’s not so much. If you have never been through this state you probably think that there is nothing here to see. This is true, but that doesn’t stop people from watching TV all day so I don’t know why it would be a problem in coming to North Dakota, except for the fact that you can’t just turn off North Dakota.

North Dakota has a state fair going on right now in the town of Minot. It is a big fair with rides and cows and people jumping into wading pools from a hundred feet up. I am going to go to it if I can’t find my parents soon.

North Dakota also has lakes which you wouldn’t think. They are not really lakes but ponds pretty much. People bring their big boats and sit them in the water to look at because you can’t run them in a pond. You can also go swimming if you like weeds. Personally weeds freak me out around my feet so I don’t plan on going in.

North Dakota has wind. It blows a lot here and doesn’t have trees or mountains to block it. Wind is good for flying kites which is not what people here do since they don’t see wind as a fun thing exactly. It more just wind.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about North Dakota. You can goggle it if you want to find out where it is or you’re looking for your parents too.


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