No fair

My hometown of Minot, North Dakota was flooded out by the Mouse River. Due to the fact that I wrote about this already I will not repeat myself again. This will make some Canadians happy who are tired of hearing about what happened when they flushed their rain into this great country of America. But I am not holding a grudge match with them. There are lots of things I like about Canada like their flag which has an oak leaf on it and words like “eh” which they invented to put at the ends of questions instead of trusting a question mark like Americans do. I’m not so into hockey due to the fact that they are always fighting over the rubber puck for no real reason I can see. I think if they gave each guy a puck of their own (like golf except with a ball) then hockey would be a lot nicer. I also am a little nervous about the fact that Canadians mostly live really close to America. They have a lot of unused land up there and I wish they would spread out a bit more, but I think they just like to pick up our TV stations due to the fact that Canada doesn’t have that many good shows to watch probably.

Anyway, due to the fact of the flood, Minot has cancelled the North Dakota State Fair which is in Minot every summer. The reason they cancelled it is because the fair place is under water or mud or both. Normally I don’t care about state fairs since the rest of them are lame and charge too much for deep fried twinkies. But the fact that Minot cancelled its fair is a blow to my summer which if you want to know we haven’t got even a bit of in Oregon. Usually I drive to North Dakota to try to find my parents and go to the fair. It is a tradition that I came up with to drive across Washington and Idaho and Montana to get to North Dakota. (I always stay on the America side of Canada due to the fact that they have gas in litters up there and my car doesn’t run on those.) But now that they have cancelled the fair I probably won’t go back to see it for obviated reasons. This is a bummer because the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was going to play at it which would have been appropriate since the fair grounds would be a huge mess of gritty dirt but I guess they don’t see the humor of that.

So in honor of the North Dakota State Fair and in respect for my tradition of driving there in the summer which I’m not going to now, I am going to put on this blog my blogs I blogged on my trip to North Dakota a few years ago which I wrote about. Just because there is no fair doesn’t mean there is no North Dakota to write about and so I’m going to show you what a normal year of my tradition looks like at the same time as you are learning to appreciate the great state of North Dakota. That was also the year I could not find my parents but this year they got flooded out of hiding which is one benefit of Canada at least.

So if you want to read my travel blogs you can follow along and you will admire my way of doing it. Just remember that they are about history not reality which is not all that interesting anyway.


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