Minot Flood

I went to a flood and just got back from it. Which is why I have been gone from this great blog for about a week. It took place in Minot, North Dakota. I was raised there and my parents still live there except not now due to the fact of a hysterical flood that has never happened before except in 1881 and 1969 and 1971 which don’t count now.

My mom and dad have a house right next to the Mouse River which they call the Souris River out of embarrassment to the rest of the country. Normally this river is slow and small, but this year Canada decided to dump rain on itself and let all that water down their drains which just happens to be the Mouse River.  (For information sake the Mouse River starts in Canada and makes a “u” right in Minot then heads back to Canada to die out.) Anyway, those Canadians dumped all their rain in the Mouse River and it filled the valley where Minot is. It was so much water that the dikes they built to keep Canada in control weren’t even high enough and all that Canadian water completely filled up the valley and covered all the houses.

But before it went over the dikes I helped my parents move out all their stuff to a little town called Deering. I will write about Deering at another time. For now I will just say that Deering is where I moved my parents to.

I will tell you that it is hard to be megaphysical when you are moving furniture. That’s probably why not a lot of the great philosophers were furniture movers. Moving furniture takes the high thoughts right out of your head and you pretty much only think of how much you hate moving furniture. That’s why people who think above their mind have softer jobs like artists and librarians. Some even try college teaching which is the worst thing they could do due to the fact of they are trying to get tenure which pretty much frowns on the kind of thinking that I do. But for sure furniture moving is totally out of the picture.

But then that Canadian water ended up flooding everything even though Crops of Engineers and the National Guard tried to build higher dikes. I think they were trying to be patriotic to show that this great country could beat Canadian water anytime. Sort of like that ping-pong game when America beat Russia at the Olympics. But this time the Canadian water won mostly due to the fact of that being cheating. But it helps to know that all that water is heading back to Canada so they have to figure out what to do with it. They will probably freeze it and use it later for hockey which is something those Canadians invented out of boredom of winter.

There was a lot of news about the Minot flood in the news so you can go there if you want their opinion on it but I was there so I should know about it as much as them.

Here is a picture of one of the houses where my parents got flooded. It is not my parents’ house but somebody else’s who is richer than them.

And if you want to look at more pictures of the flood in Minot you can go here and see what all that Canadian water did to that great American town and for sure you will maybe have second thoughts about watching hockey next time.


7 Responses

  1. Do you realize the Red River flows North into Winnipeg?? The rivers where here long before any boundaries were and they know no boundaries, it goes where it needs to. Its not Canadian water, just water.

  2. Try as you might to be the “victim” of that bad “Canadian” water, maybe you should talk to the folks at your good ol’ USA’s Darling Dam … they are the ones that released it onto you !! Wise up, whiner!

  3. We love Minot…love shopping there….we’re sorry it had to be water from here that caused u all that trouble! Some of us Canadians had troubles too, had to move out, cut off from civilization by all the bridges being washed out, etc. It’s a quirk of nature, just like tsunamis, etc. Never thought the prairies could have such a problem!!!

  4. Really ???? Where did you get your philosophical education from, or lack thereof. Canadian water???? Is there a difference between Canadian water and American water? Snow is snow, Rain is rain … Candians are flooded and have lost homes as well. And how might I ask does Canada dump rain on themselves …. moron!! You really are ridiculous! Grow up and get some common sense.

  5. You should do some research …. who paid to build that Canadian dam and who asks Canada for water ?? Mother nature in all her glory is to blame for the flooding across the prairies in Saskatchewan and in the US as well (read up on the Missouri River – that was NOT Canada dumping water on itself and yet they are flooding from extensive rain ??? , the tornados across the states, the tsunami’s, the quakes … Minot already has plans in the works to NOT REBUILD in a FLOOD PLAIN … which sounds like a great plan considering that plain has flooded 3 imes in the last

  6. An obscure state law approved in 1961 says the river should be called by the English translation of the river’s French moniker, making it officially the Mouse River.

    Bloggers that don’t state facts are retarded! You my dear need to bone up on your history!

  7. wow ! That is possibly the stupidest article I have ever read. You are an idiot.

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