President Obama and Michael Jackson are the same person!

I can’t hardly believe it, but I have found another imposturated situation in the politics of this great country. I was looking at my collection of Michael Jackson nose pictures, which by the way he should have stopped at the Thriller nose if you ask me about it. After that it was all down hill for him as far as noses go.

Anyway, I accidently came across a magazine picture of Brock Obama, that guy who beat Hillary Clinton for the blue president of this great country. You know she is still mad at him because she is a woman who lost to a skinny guy and there is that saying, a furry hell can’t be worse than a scorched woman. Look it up for yourself. I believe it for sure even though I didn’t say it.

Anyway,  look at this picture of Michael Jackson before he all the way bleached himself out:

Okay, now look at this picture of Brock Obama:

Do you think I think this is a coincidence? You bet I don’t, not even. It’s as clear as the nose on most people’s faces that there is a huge conspiracy going on in American politics. Nobody is at all who they say they are which I’ve said before and won’t repeat again for repetitional reasons. I am shocked that Americans are having the wolves pulled over them and not even noticing that there’s something pretty strange going on.

This whole thing is like Elvis who supposedly died but shows up places every so often. That is weird enough but Elvis never pretended to be president of this great country either. Now we have a president who shows up everywhere right in front of our noses and it’s like Michael Jackson is making fun of us because we think he’s dead as a door knob but he’s really running this country. This happened before with the Beatles too when people thought that Paul McCarthy was killed by a walrus and this rumor went around that he was dead because of it. Well, that was obviously bogus since he’s the only Beatle still alive unless you count Ringo which I don’t.

So I’m pretty much finished with politics in this great country mostly due to the fact that I seem to be the only one who actually knows what’s going on. And I bet you will never see Obama doing the moonwalk because that would be a dead give-away for sure. And another thing, I wouldn’t ever want to be what they call vetted to tell you the truth. I’ve heard that it hurts and then you can’t have kids anymore except by accident. I say vet dogs and cats, but leave my qualifications alone. I wonder what that Vice President Joel Biden thinks about it but he’s probably not talking either. You can bet that I’m going to look into him more close while I’m at it in case he’s German or one of the other Jackson brothers faking it too.


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  1. Well, Obviously you don’t see the facial differences between Michael Jackson and Obama. First of all, Michael Jackson appears white, and Obama appears to be black. Obama’s nose is obviously bigger and Michael’s is smaller. A little tip of advice, don’t post something this stupid on the internet. This will not be an accurate conspiracy.

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