The Bobs

There is this singing group called the Bobs. They are an accapulco group which means they don’t use instruments only their mouths and some other body parts I think. It is hard to tell from the records what body parts they are using and I don’t think I want to know if you want to know about it.

The reason I like the Bobs is because they sing about other stuff rather than love all the time. Don’t get me wrong. I think love can be good sometimes. I just think there are other things to sing about other than love love love and baby baby baby. Death for example or corn dogs or bus drivers. Like I say, I am not against love and I think a person should grab at it if it rolls by, but I don’t think a person should get all caught up in it like so many singers do. Big deal if somebody broke your heart, like I would really believe they did. If your heart broke you would be dead. Just face up to the fact that you found out that love isn’t everything there is. There are electrons for example. Focus on them and you won’t go wrong.

That is why I like the Bobs. They know about love but they don’t let it control them. They sing songs about the real stuff of life. You can go to their website and listen to some of their songs. But for example here are some of the words to one of their songs that I like:

I am a lonesome hombre
I spent my time driving my truck around town on Saturdays
I move here from the city
I thought that maybe all of my luck would change
Here in Boomtown
But it seems my face is wrong I don’t fit in
Cause I don’t have cowboy lips

Here are some more words from a different song I like:

They were kissing in a crowded mall
when they burst right into flames.
Charcoal bricquets in thirty seconds
Their last words — each other’s names
Did they have a deep seated problem?
Was this their farewell?
Did they cause themselves to ignite
Leaving that awful smell?

Spontaneous Human Combustion
Poof, there goes another one
A raging fire, a funeral pyre
An unexpected cremation

Now you can get an idea of why I like the Bobs. Just like I think above my mind as you would know if you have been following along this great blog, the Bobs sing above their minds too. This is a hard thing to do because of the fact that if you’re not careful you can fall back into the love thing again and end up just like all the other bands. But not the Bobs. Even when they sing about love it’s not love love love baby baby baby I hope you know. They do love above their minds which is sort of megaphysical which is why I would mention them on this great blog which is about megaphysical things alot.

I just want you to know that the Bobs didn’t pay me for me talking about them. This is a free megaphysical blog not for money. I think they should pay me though since maybe over 8 or 9 people will probably read this and go buy their record. That is capitalization and how this great country rolls. But I’m not going to make a big deal about it.

One last thing about the Bobs. I think if they are ever in Portland Oregon they should send me a couple of free tickets. They would probably love to have a megaphysical person like me in the front row.


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