A weird dream I had


I dream when I am sleeping. What you call daydreaming is not really dreaming at all, but just spaced outness in the daytime. I daydream too sometimes but I’m never fooled that I’m asleep then. That’s something I can’t be fooled on. I know when I’m not sleeping and when I’m out like a brick. These are obvious lines to watch out for if you’re not an expert especially if you’re driving.

Anyway, the other night I was sleeping for reals. Most of the time I focus on the sleeping part of sleeping and don’t have the time to invent some crazy story in my mind at the same time to have to remember when I wake up. That would be too much work and kind of ruin the whole point of sleeping in the first place. Anyway, so there I am sleeping like normal when I have this weird dream encroach on my sleep activity. Here is what it was:

I was standing in a bowl of green jellow with those little scrapes of carrots floating around in it. I wasn’t eating the jello because I was singing a song from “The Little Mermaid” except I don’t know which on it was. All I know is that I was really singing it good. Then this car drives up and Donald Trump gets out and come up to me. He hands me this pencil and then gets in the car and drives away. I stand there with this pencil in the jello and a voice from somewhere says really really loud “Write on the jello!” I’m just about to ask what I’m supposed to write when I realize I hate carrots being put in jello and jump out, but as soon as I do Boy George jumps in the jello and laughs at me like I was really stupid. Then I hear the voice again say “Well you can just forget that now.”

I woke up and that was it. Sheesh. I don’t even like Boy George.


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