Sunny days are too much pressure


Lots of people like sunny days where the sun is shining in the sky. Which I totally don’t. There is a reason for this opinion. It is because when the sun is shining in the sky I am pressured to go out and enjoy it. This is too much pressure.

I used to live for a couple of years in south California which was totally not my fault I’ll have you know. Anyway, it was sunny there almost all the time. I couldn’t even count on the smog to cover it up. So every day whether I wanted to or not I saw that sun shining and I knew I was expected to like it and go outside and be in it, skin cancer or not. Well do you think I liked that kind of pressure? You bet I didn’t. So I stayed inside and looked out the window at that sunny day and had resentful thoughts at the sun. I couldn’t even enjoy being inside the house reading People magazine or watching Andy Griffith reruns because that sun was beating down on the day and making me feel like I was doing something wrong by not jumping around outside due to the fact that it was sunny.

So when I got fed up with that I moved to Oregon on purpose where I heard it is hardly ever sunny. Well, at first I was happy because it rained a lot and when it was not raining it was cloudy which is almost as good as rain for staying inside. But then the sun came out sometimes and rubbed my face in itself. What made it worse was that all that rain had made everything outside green and exaggerated which added pressure to go outside and be natural which is what Oregon thinks itself as. But I found out that when I gave into the pressure to be natural in the sun I started sneezing and my nose ran like a sink. So there I was standing in the sun and sneezing my brains out.

Well, after that experience of naturalness, I decided that I would just stay inside because if you can’t trust Oregon to be rainy and cloudy who can you trust with anything? So I tried to read really hard and ignore it when the sun came out all over my preferences, but that ended up being a lame thing because the only time you can beat the sun is at night which is the only time you can pretty much count on not having the sun in the sky, except in Alaska when it pressures you non-stop which would be good enough of a reason for me to run for Vice President just to get out of there.

Anyway, today it has the nerve to be sunny like crazy and I’m feeling that old pressure to get outside and do something like mow the lawn which I don’t even want to one little bit. But I probably will go outside for a little bit just to meet my obligations and so I can say something nice back to all those people who feel the need to say how they hate the rain and love the sun and all that gushy stuff that Oregon can bring out in people. But I’m not going to stay out long enough to get melammonia no matter who gets offended. I cut the lime there, buddy.

I just want them to know that I don’t go gushing over rainy days in their face so maybe they should think about it before they complain in my face and make a big deal about it. But I probably will just smile back at them anyway because I am a tolerant person as you probably know (except for toilet roll direction).

So here is this great song by the Bobs which is like a theme song for people who hate being pressurized by the sun like me. Click on it and you can hear the point of the fact of it done musical mostly. (Also the background on the below song is all dark gray which is my favorite weather color. So you can add ironical to the deal too.)

I Hate the Beach Boys

.   .   .


.   .   .


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