Snot Trees

I am taking five minutes to complain about some trees croaching on the border of my property. They are very tall and shady which is nice. But they are also very bad. I am talking about cottonwood trees. The reason they are bad is that in spring they let go of their seeds in a puff of cotton which floats all over the air. It is like a snowstorm in summer. Every spring the air is stuffed with this cotton that is floating down. My grass and back deck get covered with it which makes everything look messy which I am not a messy person if you must know about it if you knew me. I keep my stuff in order, except that there are other people in my house who do not have their stuff ordered but is laying all over the place. They are cottonwood people I say to myself but not to their face. I am ordered but not stupid.

But the worst thing about these bad cottonwood trees is that they are terrible for allergies. I end up sneezing and runny nosed like crazy. This is not fun even one bit, so then I have to take a Bennydrill but that makes me like a zombie. I don’t know which is worse, dripping snot and sneezing or walking around like a zombie. I guess maybe dripping snot since you probably couldn’t make money off a snot movie.

So I usually choose for the zombie due to the fact that I can’t handle dripping snot all day long. Anyway, I thought I would write this before those cottonwoods spray snot fuzz all over the place this year. Because once they do I am most likely not going to be in the mood to write about it.


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