Some things I would probably never do


I am not a chicken liver. I have done all sorts of brave things that people should be admired at. I once went into a police station with a friend on Halloween and sang a song just for the bravery of it. Those police guys just ignored me with all their might because they knew bravery when they saw it. I also took Humanities in college which I didn’t need to take from a teacher who was what you call blurry about his gender preferality. I am a tolerant person about that but the point of my fact is that I got a B the first class, a C the second class, and a D the third class. This was my reward for bravery in college so I never was brave there again and just took normal classes like ligature and speech. One of my bravest things was when I was in second grade and I stood up to this first grade bully at recess. He came up to me to push me around but I just up and knocked him over wheelchair and all. He never bothered me again for sure.

But even though I am known for my bravery there are some things which I will not cross the line on. I saw this saying one time that said disgrace is the better part of valor which means that sometimes you just can’t go jumping off a cliff for some girl even if she has big breasts. Well I have applied it to my own personal stimulations which has kept me from doing certain over the counter actions and maybe even demoralizing myself. Here are some things I probably would never do even on a bet maybe:

1. Stick my hand in a running garbage disposal to save a cat.
2. Sing in somebody else’s shower when they were there.
3. Hop on one leg to make fun of war veterans.
4. Put a car battery in my mouth.
5. Borrow a toothbrush from a street person.
6. Sign up for a nudist cologne.
7. Ask somebody to hold my breath.
8. Play Scrabble with a terrorist.
9. Wear a black dress to a picnic.
10. Drink my own spit from a glass.

There are probably some other things I would probably never do that I haven’t thought of yet. And I’m still up in the air about eating sea cucumbers. But I’m pretty sure about these things I wrote.

Anyway, I just want you to know that I don’t just haul off and do stuff just because I’m above my mind on most things. There is a limit to myself that I won’t cross and you might want to cross yourself out sometimes too just to be safe.



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