Facebook Friends

A couple years ago I accidentally made a Facebook page of myself. I was trying to find this guy I knew in high school who still owes me 30 bucks and I ended up starting my own Facebook place. It was kind of weird because I am not a Facebook kind of person due to the fact that I’m more megaphysical than Facebook allows I think.

Anyway, when my Facebook thing fired up all of a sudden I got recommended all kinds of friends to be friends with. It was like instant with pictures of these people and everything. I recognized a bunch of people that I forgot also owe me some money. So I clicked on their pictures and sent them a message to ask if they would be my Facebook friend and pay me back. Except for one guy who sent me a message telling me to stick it, nobody else who owes me money has answered. I probably should have just pretended to want to be their friend and then asked to be paid back after. That’s what about seven of those friends did to me. According to them I owe them all a total of $347 and a stick of gum. How bogus is that? Well, they can forget it.  It looks like the Facebook thing isn’t going to make me any money for sure.

Except I did run across a couple of guys who from their picture got really old since high school. I wonder if they know it. I even double checked my own picture to see if the same thing happened to me, but I think I came across pretty good. I know if I was looking old I would put up a fake photo. What’s the point of being honest on the internet when you can fake yourself?

Which brings up these hot babes who want to be my friend who I’ve never even heard about before from high school or Costco. They are really foxy if you like that kind of thing which I notice but don’t get all hot and blotchy about mostly due to the fact that I think above my mind a lot which there is a good chance they haven’t even heard of. I don’t even know if those are their real selves or they just gaggled some fake chick picture and put it up on Facebook to fool people. I’ve even heard that weird guys will pretend to be girls to get discounts on hygiene products or Niagra. So maybe those hot babes are really guys who think I can get them a deal or something because of my connections. Even worst, I have heard that some of those hot babes are trying to sell you pornology which is a total slang of women in my experience of it. But just in case they are for reals hot babes who are inflated with me I make most of them my friends anyway. I figure why hurt somebody’s feelings on a hunch.

So anyway I’m now an accident for a while on Facebook, which is something a bunch of Facebook people have told me.


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