Mary Poppins

mary_poppinsI am going to talk about Mary Poppins due to the fact that I think she is really freaky. She is the person in that movie made by Walt Disney during his time on opium. Most people think this movie is a kids movie made by this nice guy who invented Micky Mouse and Neptune. But they are dead wrong about it if you want to know.

First of all, Mary Poppins is a sauceress who casts spells on children. She makes them take drugs by hiding it in sugar just like drug dealers today. She gets those unsuspicious kids high and then turns the world into a cartoon. This is right out of that Yellow Submarine movie made by the Monkeys.

But do you think that’s all Mary Poppins does? You bet it isn’t. She hangs out on rooftops with Dick Van Dyke who just happens to be married to Mary Tyler Moore. This is a very compromising situation to bring kids into for sure. These kids see their nanny playing psychodelic games with a married man and what are they supposed to think? From looking at the reruns of the Dick Van Dyke show, I don’t think Mary Tyler Moore ever figured it out. She just goes on while Dick Van Dyke heads to the roof at night to dance with Mary Poppins which makes Mary Poppins a tramp for sure.

This thing is bigger than even this. Once Mary Poppins got those kids addicted to drugs, she next jumps into that Von Trap home and starts messing with those kids. This time she isn’t so out front with the drugs, but she uses a guitar to turn them into these blind followers of hers kind of like Jimmy Hendrix did. And that puppet show is pure demonic, if you ask me.

victor-victoria-edwardsAnd to top if off, Mary Poppins then dresses up like a man named Victor and takes her shirt off in front of all America! I was so replussed about that I had to watch that scene over 30 times just to be sure. It was enough to make me look for other movies she’s in to see how far she would go to wreck America’s value system.

Now she’s writing children’s books! I’ve read a couple of them to see if there are drugs or other bad stuff hidden in them. So far they seem like kids books are supposed to be, but I wouldn’t put it past her to slip another one of her tricks in there.

So I’m just saying for you to be careful about Mary Poppins. She’s no good, I’m telling you.

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  1. I thought there was something weird with her.

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