Senility is maybe okay for some people

I have been thinking about senility. It is also called dimension or Al’s hammer disease after the guy who invented it. (I think this is his picture which I goggled.) It is a touchy subject to talk on and it has a bad reputation mostly due to the fact that almost nobody wants to be senile and get lost in their kitchen or pee on themselves. I am not making fun of it either as I am a sensitive person if I have to be.

When you get senile you can loose your memory and end up back in time. People who have been dead for 40 years come back to life and living people become strangers. You can even go back to your childhood if you want to. From the outside it looks like you’re crazy and misattached to reality. People think you should know that you’re sitting in a stinky nursing home in a wheel chair that smells like pee. They think that’s better for you.

But demensional people show us that reality is in your mind, not in reality. Take an example for instance, if you look into the mirror and think you’re good looking, you take your word for it even though everybody else might think you look like yesterday’s pizza. The truth is that we mostly believe ourselves more than anybody else. So who is to judge which is realism and which is crazy I want to know?

Reality is a made up thing anyway. It’s like we agree on stuff and it becomes real because we agree on it. Take another example for example. Let’s say it’s raining outside. Two people can agree that it’s a crappy day because they wanted to have a picnic. The other person says it’s a nice day because they wanted the rain to wash off the sidewalk where the dog pooped. Who’s right I ask you?

Well that’s the point of it. Reality is what you name it to be. Some people have wacko imaginations and spray paint on things and we call it modern art and pay millions of dollars for their weirdness. I even heard of one of those artists who peed in a jar and put it in a museum. Now I think a senile person could pee just a good as an artist can except maybe they wouldn’t be able to hit the jar as good. And remember Van Go? He cut off his eye and he is history because of it.

Anyway, the point of the fact is that being senile is not the same thing as being crazy necessarily due to the fact that time travel and art are two good things. And some people are just better at it than others which brings up the idea that maybe we call people senile because they didn’t vote for the same reality as other people. So maybe we should treat demensional people like just another minority of this great country like women or homosapiens except that they are a lot more exaggerated.

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  1. A wise man we knew (dad/father-in-law) who eventually died from complications of that Al Heimer business frequently said (though predominantly in his pre-Al Heimer years since one he entered them, he wasn’t really sure about many things, including rain), “It’s either raining or it’s not raining. Therefore, if it isn’t raining, it must be raining.” Just try to argue with that.

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