Defined Art


I am not much of a modern art person as you would know about from another post I posted which you would know about if you have been reading this great blog for a while. But you should not get the idea that I am some kind of Phyllis Stein or something. I am a person of what you call defined taste. Take for example that artist Michael Angelo who lived in Italy back in the Rennovation. He was a real artist let me tell you, not some faker who splotches for a living (which is how the Polacks got a bad name).

Anyway, this guy Michaelo (for short) carved naked people out of marble that you can stare at all day and not be called perverted. He also carved a lot of religion things too which you can look at all day and not be religious (which is how you know it’s real art). But probably the best thing he did was paint the ceilings of at least sixteen chapels. That was a huge job mostly because they didn’t just want him to paint it white like churches do today. No way, bub. They wanted him to paint the whole history of the world starting from the Big Bang all the way up to the invention of the popes. So that poor guy laid on his back for years and painted and painted until he finally got it all done with only a few mistakes that they later whited out. And they hardly paid him anything for it due to the fact that they were religious and everybody knows how bad of tippers church people are.

Anyway, I can totally relate to a guy like that who will work for pretty much nothing which if you want to know I’ve been doing pretty much my whole life. But what I really like is that Michaelo painted in some secret stuff that not a lot of people have seen. Like for example I heard there is a cow with a grass skirt he put in the background of this Hawaii theme one. Then I read that he put in some guy surfing in the flood picture looking like he’s having a great time. My favorite is he has one of the angels wearing one of those Groucho glasses with the big nose and mustache. But you have to look close for sure or you will just think Michaelo is a great artist only and not a good humor man too.

That’s what makes defined art better than modern art to look at. I can appreciate a pair of Groucho glasses more than a splotchy picture any day for sure.


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