There are a lot of things to be frustrated about. Take for example politics. Also take for example dirty bathrooms at gas stations. Another example is Hannah Montana. Also take for example a rash in your crotch area. And maybe even take for example people who throw cigarette butts out their windows or who talk on their cell phones and try to drive in front of you. The list goes on and on for sure and I don’t want to make the whole list which would be frustrating to even try to.

I am also frustated by people who start wars just because they are insecure about themselves like Hitler because nobody hired him to paint their house. And Justin Timberlake frustrates me because he is a total product of somebody and isn’t even sexy one bit like magazines try to foist. What a joke. And then there’s fat people. They are frustrating because fat is not a disease but just fat. Fat people are fat period. They frustrate me because they want me to think they can’t help being fat. But they are just glutens by their own choice. Oink oink I say. And if you’re going to take up two seats in a plane you should pay for two or just stay fat on the ground.

But mostly I’m pretty adjusted, if you want to know.


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