A poem about this great blog

As you can most likely tell if you have been reading this great blog, I am not your ordinary lame blogger. Most people who are writing blogs are not that awesome when it comes to the megaphysical department. They write about their own lives like anybody really cares or make totally boring comments about politics or Hollywood people like Lindon Lohan or Jim Clooney. But on this blog you get thinking above my mind, and let me tell you, you can’t get above my mind on any other blog except for this one. Maybe somebody has done what you call bootlegged my mind someplace else, but that’s a total fake because nobody can steal stuff I’ve stored in my mind which I’ve talked about before and won’t repeat myself for the sake of not being repetitious again.

Anyway, one thing you probably don’t know about me from this great blog is that I am a poem writer which is called poetrical if you want the technicality for it. Mostly I don’t go bragging about that due to the fact that other people are insinuated when they find out that I am more literated than them. It’s like if I’m at a party and they find out they say “Oh” and then walk away. I usually end up standing by myself by the chips until I go home. So I keep my poeticality to myself in the street world of it.

But at this great blog I can expose myself. I’m not just a thinker above my mind. I can do arty things as good as those people they call bohemoths. Those kind of people live in downtown apartments and go to art galleries to look at what is called modern art which I already wrote about before too and won’t repeat that either for the same reasons I said before.

So, anyway, for the sake of poeticality in the world and due to the fact that I can expose myself on this great blog, I am putting in a poem I wrote about this blog. It is a kungfu poem. So, well, here it is.

this blog is a really great blog
it’s above my mind
but you probably know that already

I had some problems with that last line due to the fact that I had to put in “already” which sort of makes that line longer than most kungfus are. So maybe it’s more of a sonnet, but I’m not sure about that due to the fact that I’m not into chick lit.


One Response

  1. Such a lovely poem that it brought tears to my eyes . . . It must be difficult to be so humble.

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