I am against lots of things, mostly because they are not in line with my megaphysical way of thinking. When I think above my mind I can be against stuff like you wouldn’t believe if I didn’t tell you.

Take text messaging for instance as a perfect example. I am against it all the way. Some people think it’s the best thing since helium, but I am not of that opinion for sure. For one thing you have to type on little keys with your thumbs. This is unnatural and probably is an actual sin in some religion. I think it is a way for evolutionists to remind us that we evolved from animals without posable thumbs, which is called submluminal brainwashing and against the laws of this great country. But this is a side order.

Some people are against texting because they say it causes car accidents. But that is probably just what you call urban mist. Nobody gets into an accident due to the fact that they are texting but totally because they are not looking where they are driving at. It is a well known fact that people who aren’t looking can’t see as much as people who are looking. This would be the same if somebody was driving and clipping their toenails at the same time, but you don’t hear everybody getting all fussed up about toenail clipping except if you include that in putting on makeup in the car like lots of women do which is totally dorky in my opinion of it. If a lady isn’t good looking enough yet to step out of the piracy of their own home in the first place then why make the rest of us watch you spoofing yourself up in public? Half made up women should stay home for the sake of civilization pure and simplistic. I hope you see my point on this issue.

Anyway, mostly I am against text messaging because they mess up the spelling of words which is against civilization. Take for example this quote from the restroom at the bus station I wrote down once, “I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.” This is what it would look like as a text message: “h jo 3lehe spb 2 splghe.” It is totally alleged for the normal person. How can civilization get along with stuff like that? It’s enough to give a person asteroids.

Imagine if Shakespeare or Hank Fitzer had done texting. We’d have “A bee or not a bee” turn into a licence plate instead of a literature thing. What if Winston Churchdale had texted his messages, like “sheh 23890 dskl;th, glehr ,tlehl;” Nobody could tell what he was saying and England would have lost the Korean war.

All I’m saying is that text messaging is something to be against even if you like it. It is an enemy of megaphysical concepts like what I have so you can bet your self that I will not do it.


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