The Wizard of Oz

Last night I watched The Wizard of Oz. I heard that there are lots of people who try watching it and listening to that Pink Lloyd record called Dark Side of the Moon at the same time as watching the movie. For my personal self, this would be lame due to the fact that it would be hard to hear the movie over the record. It would sound like a potluck. No wonder people think they are having a megaphysical happening.

I remember when I was little to be afraid of the witch. I would hide my eyes when she came on. The munchkids were not so scary as her but they were definitely weird for sure. I think dwarves are too weird to be parading around in public, especially in real life. But since this is a movie I will let it go. The witch doesn’t bother me so much now because I know she is just a person with her face painted green and wearing a costume. I did meet a person once who was dressed like that but it was at a wedding.

The main thing I want to say about The Wizard of Oz is that it is still about the greatest movie of all time. Maybe the only other movie I would put up there is Pee Wee’s Big Adventure due to the fact that it is full of insights about life and inner being. The difference between The Wizard of Oz and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is mostly that they are completely different movies entirely. It would be like comparing apples to something and not getting anything out of the deal. So what’s the point of it?

The Wizard of Oz is cool because it goes from black and white to colors through that door, except that you can tell from Dorothy as she’s opening the door that they’ve already switched, but they try to hide it by browing her out sort of. Now days they would be able to fix that. And then there is that horse of a different color they show in the green town that switches colors. I know how they did that because I ran that part over and over and looked right up at the tv screen. I could hear a hiss on the tv which is a tell tail sign that they were spray painting the horse really fast when it was not in the picture. If you look at it you will see that the paint on the horse looks wet because it didn’t have time to dry off first. Now days they would just photoship it which would take away the impressiveness of how fast those painters could cover that horse, which was pretty big I think

Being a megaphysical expert, I really like the part when they first meet the great and powerful wizard. This is where the movie gives a hint about what it’s like when I am thinking above my mind. There I am looking at this huge floating head that’s hardly not there. It talks in a deep kind of mad voice at me like I’m sort of not supposed to have gotten there in the first place. But then I am like Dorothy in the movie and put my foot down and the head and I get along pretty well after that. It turns out that the head is really nice and knows about balloons. If you are not megaphysical like me, you probably wouldn’t catch all that but just enjoy the movie. Well, that’s what you come to this great blog for so don’t worry about it.

Anyway, last night I stopped the movie at the first wizard scene because I was tired. So I went to bed. I had this weird dream about short people who wanted to sell me a broomstick of gum. No kidding. I told them no way because I was a slippers guy and then showed them my ruby slippers which I had on instead of Dorothy. When those short people saw that they offered me Glinda the good witch as a trade. Even though I hated her voice I still took the deal, but I woke up before I could find out if I made a good trade or not.


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  1. Hmmm I bet Roger Ebert is sooo glad his job is not in jeopardy!

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